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sisu SCS Hyperspectral Single Core Scanner
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For small-scale hyperspectral core imaging

The SCS single-core scanner is the answer for users who need hyperspectral core imaging but produce only a limited amount of cores per year.

Providing the same functionality as the sisuROCK but on a smaller scale, the
sisuSingle Core Scanner is more portable and an ideal research tool for analysing core-like samples.

The SCS is equipped with a single sensor depending on the application requirements and the available pushbroom-based wavelength ranges are VNIR and SWIR.

Designed for studying lake sediment core samples, the SCS, depending on the wavelength range used, can detect either mineralogy or complicated organic compounds like photopigments or alkenones. Its high-resolution imaging ability is the key to discovering the distribution along the core samples.

Detail of single-core scanner
Analysis results

Key benefits  
• Easily transportable from site to site • Same functionality as the full-scale sisuROCK • Turnkey hyperspectral solution
Versatile tool for different applications • Applies either VNIR or SWIR wavelength range • Data acquisition done only once in single scan motion
Objective and consistent digital data • High resolution imagery • Ideal for research use
Specifications - sisu Single Core Scanner
Spectral range
400 - 1 000 nm
1 000 - 2 500 nm
Number of spectral bands
96 - 768 (adjustable by binning)
Spectral sampling
0.78 - 6.27 nm / pixel
6.3 nm / pixel
Number of spatial pixels
up to 1 312
50 - 120 mm
50 - 120 mm
Pixel size on target
0.04 - 0.09 mm (1 312 pixels)
0.16 - 0.38 mm (320 pixels)
Scan speed (130 mm FOV)
6.5 mm / s (up to 20 mm / s with binning)
40 mm / s
Scan time for 1.5 m long sample
4 minutes (90 seconds with binning)
~ 50 seconds
Max sample size
130 x 1 500 x 75 mm (L x W x H)
System dimensions
3 210 x 522 x 1 000 mm (L x W x H)
Overall system weight
93.5 kg (SCS frame). 2.7 kg / 8.5 kg (VNIR / SWIR sensor). 40.0 kg (PC / PSU unit)
Cooling requirements
No external cooling required. Air conditioned room recommended
Operating conditions
Laboratory environment
Operating voltage
110 to 220 V (50/60 Hz)
Power consumption
700 W

sisu Single Core data sheet





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