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UI-5370CP - Colour, mono and NIR
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The UI-5370CP is fitted with the highly-sensitive and fast 4.19 megapixel CMOS sensor from CMOSIS (CMV4000) providing a resolution of 2048 x 2048 pixels.

Due to innovative pixel architecture, fixed pattern noise and hiss are considerably reduced. As well, the pipelining feature also allows further exposure while the sensor data is being read out, and so speeding up the readout and effectively reducing motion blur. With an extremely large optical format of 1", the sensor delivers large pixels and is extremely low-noise and sensitive to light.

The UI-5360CP is fitted with the highly-sensitive and fast 4.19 megapixel CMOS sensor from CMOSIS (CMV2000) providing features that include multiple AOI mode with up to 8 AOIs for the simultaneous checking of various characteristics, as well as a resolution of 2048 x 1088 pixels.

Using the camera in line scan mode enables frame rates of up to 8000 fps and provides a cost-effective alternative for applications involving bottle or endless web inspection systems and is easily integrated via one one cable for data transmission and power supply (for PoE cameras)

Up to 12 bits per pixel Global shutter Multiple AOI (up to eight AOIs possible)
Sequencer Various HDR modes Power over Ethernet
60 MB of internal image memory Fast trigger mode (further exposure possible during readout)  

Machine vision Motion control Traffic surveillance High-speed inspection
Surveillance systems Automotive applications Barcode and OCR recognition Microscopy (UI-5370CP)

Model UI-5370CP
Resolution 2048 x 2048
Sensor 1" 4 MPix CMOS with Global Shutter
Pixel Size 5.5µm
Video Output Gigabit Ethernet
Frame Rate 19 fps
Sensor colour depth 12-bit
Len mount C-mount
Dimensions H: 29.00 mm, W: 29.00 mm, L: 41.00 mm
Weight 61 g

iDS UI-5370CP-C-HQ Datasheet - Colour
iDS UI-5370CP-M-GL Datasheet - Monochrome
iDS UI-5370CP-NIR-GL Datasheet - NIR




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