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Embedded camera with low power and price but high performance

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Allied Vision release CSI-2
camera with Full HD resolution for embedded applications



Building on the elite performance already offered by the Alvium 1500 C camera series for embedded vision, Allied Vision introduce the Alvium 1500-C-210 camera model in both monochrome and colour.

With a resolution of 2.1 megapixels, it bridges the void between the Alvium 1500-C-120 (1.2 megapixels) and the Alvium 1500 C-500 (5 megapixels). With up to 118 frames per second with full HD resolution plus an attractive price point, the Alvium 1500 C-210 provides a terrific option for embedded vision applications.

Alvium 1500 C camera series
The Alvium 1500 series is the perfect camera for easy hardware and software integration in embedded applications. All models are equipped with a MIPI CSI-2 interface, ideal for embedded vision applications.

The Alvium 1500 Series offers a lengthy feature set. Software integration can be done via Video4Linux2 (V4L2), GStreamer, OpenCV, or direct register access. In addition to the NVIDIA Jetson driver, there are more open source drivers for other processor architectures using V4L2 support, which enables easy integration and fast time to market.

Another important feature - the image pre-processing functionalities can be configured directly on the Image Signal Processor in the camera to save CPU load on the host side.


Key Features  


Cost effective



Freedom, flexibility and choices

The Allid Vision proprietary Alvium SoC (System on Chip) incorporates an Image Signal Processor coupled with a powerful Image Processing Library allowing system engineers to perform image corrections as well as processing tasks on board the camera rather than on the host system or embedded board. This reduces the workload on the processor host, saving you time and money and increases throughput.



The Alvium C series is designed on an innovative camera platform that addresses the limitations associated with current camera and sensor modules for embedded applications. It offers embedded system designers a previously unknown level of freedom with open housing or closed housing versions and various lens mount options for easy optics integration.


Small, compact design



Low Power Consumption


At 7 x 26 x 26mm (L x W x H) the Alvium 1500-C-210 is a small & compact solution. Despite its small size reliability and quality are not compromised.


Unlike FPGAs commonly used in machine vision cameras, the Alvium SoC is extremely power efficient.


Easy to install


Industrial Strength



With Allied Vision providing a software installation guide and code examples, installation is made easy.



The C-210 is designed to face challenges such as high temperatures, shock and vibration, long time operation. It provides maximal durability and reliability in rugged environments




Additional Features
A selection of housing options are available ranging from board-level, to open-housing, through to a fully-enclosed camera. All models come in monochrome and colour. Colour models come with an IR cut filter while monochrome models are without a filter or protection glass.

With a choice of CMOS sensor resolutions from a variety of manufacturers, systems designers can leverage Allied Vision's ALVIUM technology which includes advanced image processing features, new standards in quality imaging and performance, a small footprint, low power consumption and decreased development time.

Typical Applications  



Embedded Vision Systems

Medical applications

ON Semi ARO521
1928 x 1088
Pixel Size
2.2 µm x 2.2 µm
Sensor Size
Type 1/2.5
Shutter type
Rolling Shutter
Frame rate
118 fps, using 2 to 4 lanes
Power Consumption
119 W
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