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Fire-i™ Digital Camera

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The Unibrain Fire-i™ Digital Camera is a low cost colour CCD progressive scan camera with VGA resolution with picture quality and lightweight housing suitable to non-demanding applications. The 640x480 pixel resolution is capable of speeds of up to 30 frames per second at full resolution.

Fire-i™ Digital Cameras have the support and software for use on PC, Mac or Linux. Several cameras can be daisy-chained and viewed simultaneously on a PC, via Unibrain’s Fire-i™ Software and the camera’s two FireWire ports. It allows for local or remote (Internet) monitoring. The user can easily store still images or live video-stream, change and adjust any of the settings for each and every camera that is connected.

The tripod adaptor with standard photographic screw is compatible with tripods and wall /ceiling mounting fixations. This camera comes with a mini-tripod with telescopic legs.

The Fire-i™ Digital Camera is ideal for monitoring applications (local or remote), direct Internet streaming, video conferencing, and home or office surveillance.

Model Fire-i™ Digital Camera
Resolution 640 x 480
Sensor ¼" Progressive scan CCD
Bayer RGB Colour
Pixel Size 5.6µm x 5.6µm
Video Output FireWire (IEEE 1394a)
Max Frame Rate 30
Shutter Speed Auto/Manual 1/3400s - 1/31s
Mount Type  
Operating Temp -10°C +50°C
Power Requirements 0.9W
Dimensions 62 x 62 x 35mm
Weight 60g camera + 32g clip

Unibrain Fire-i™ Digital Camera




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