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AisaEAGLET: combining high-performance hyperspectral imaging, compactness and easy installation

SPECIM's AISA systems are ruggedised spectral imaging solutions dedicated to airborne, defence and other remote sensing applications, producing high-quality hyperspectral images, where each singly measured spectrum has precise, calibrated ground coordinates. All AISA sensors can also be used for ground-based hyperspectral imaging.

The system includes integrated:
• High performance hyperspectral imagers
• GPS / IMU sensor
• Data acquisition and power unit with data acquisition software
• Mounting options
• CaliGeoPro software for radiometric and geometric data pre-processing.


Specifically designed to meet space and weight limitations on small, piloted aircraft or unmanned airborne platforms, the aisaEAGLET acquires full, contiguous VNIR hyperspectral data with a high spatial resolution of 1600 pixels and excellent sensitivity even in low light conditions.

Having a total mass of 10 kg including hyperspectral sensor, compact data acquisition computer and GPS/IMU unit, the system’s modular design makes installation in different payloads an easy task.

A special feature of the aisaEAGLET is its lack of moving parts having only one - the shutter used for dark image calibration between data collection sessions - and since the image data is captured without any moving parts, there is no distortion caused by mechanical inaccuracies of the sensor itself.

Additional, to its compactness and high-performance the Eaglet system's cost-effectiveness and versatility makes it a remote-sensing tool ideally suited to environmental, forestry, agricultural, security and defence applications.

Accessories for Aisa Hyperspectral Airborne Series      

Sensor Progressive scan CCD detector
Spectral range 400-1000 nm
Spectral resolution 3.3 nm
Spectral binning options 2x; 4x; 8x
Number of spectral bands 410; 205; 102
Spectral sampling/band 1.4 nm; 2.8 nm; 5.6nm
Frame rate, up to (frames/s) 57; 89; 125
Spatial pixels 1600, of which ca. 100 FODIS pixels (optional)
Output 12 bits
Shutter Electromechanical shutter for dark background registration, user controllable by software
Operating modes Hyperspectral and multispectral
Storage temperature - 20 ... +50ºC
Operating temperature + 5 ... +40º C, non-condensing

aisaEAGLET data sheet




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