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Specim AFX series
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The Specim AFX series is an airborne hyperspectral imaging solution based on the hugely successful Specim FX series. It is a compact all-in-one device that includes an HSI camera, powerful computer and a high-end GNSS/IMU unit.

At just over 2 kg, the Specim AFX can be used on multiple drone types – multirotor or fixed-wing, with or without a gimbal. AFX series capabilities range from full hyperspectral to flexible application-specific multispectral.

The AFX series are designed and built to be light-weight and rugged. The in-built computer and high-quality survey grade GNSS/IMU provide close sychronisation between image capture and location data for accurate georeferencing. Optional software enables enhanced location data post processing for even greater accuracy in cases where a small GSD (Ground Sampling Distance) is required. The user interface provided allows for a pre-prepared flight plan to be uploaded to the system and for the user to select parameters that control when data is captured. This enables autonomous airborne data collection. However, if preferred manual ground-control can also be added with the use of a radio link.

• All in one HSI solution for UAVs
• Supports gimballed or gimballess mounting
• Multiple spectral ROI enables both hyperspectral and application-specific multispectral configurations
• Fore lens aberrations are fully characterized
• Significantly less smile and keystone
• Ability to collect more light
• Full real-time and post-mission position and orientation solution for direct georeferencing
• Automated flight plan programming without ground based control or control from the ground with radio link

Typical applications
• Vegetation classification and species identification
• Soil classification
• Water quality analysis
• Wetlands monitoring
• Wildlife population study
• Minerals exploration
• Crop disease detection
• Search and rescue
• Shark monitoring


Specim AFX10
Specim AFX17
Spectral Range
VNIR (400 – 1000 nm)
NIR (900 – 1700 nm)
Spectral Sampling
2.68 nm
3.5 nm
Fore lens focal length
15 mm
18 mm
Spectral bands
Field of view
38 deg
38 deg



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