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Spectral cameras for Extended NIR visible (orange and red)
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The camera combines a high-performance V16M imaging spectrograph, offering the smallest aberrations available in the spectral imaging devices and a temperature-stabilized VisNIR
CMOS/InGaAs camera
with optics designed to match the sensor perfectly.

The design of the spectrograph combines the reflective mirror optics and refractive lens optics with the transmission diffraction grating. This new design provides the smallest aberrations available in the spectral imaging devices in the market together with supreme throughput. The optics is designed to match perfectly with the sensor used. The maintenance-free cooling unit is designed to keep the detector temperature stable throughout a wide ambient temperature range. The Spectral Camera eNIR is currently available as an uncased OEM model.

** Vegetation research ** Food analysis ** Semiconductors
Spectral camera eNIR
Sensor TE-cooled InGaAs-CMOS photo diode array
Pixel in full frame 320 (spatial) x 256 (spectral)
Pixel size 30 x 30 µm
Frame rate 100 fps (maximum full frame)
Spectral range 600-1600 nm
Spectral resolution 7 nm (30µm slit)
Interface USB2, CameraLink
Lens mount M42 universal thread (Pentax)
Weight 3.4 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) 250 x 275 x 87 mm
Operating temperature + 5 ... +40 ºC, non-condensing
Storage temperature - 20 ... +85 ºC

eNIR data sheet




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