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Spectral cameras for near-infrared light
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Capturing in the NIR spectrum: 900 - 1 700 nm
These NIR cameras are a combination of an imaging spectrograph (N17E model) and a temperature-stabilized, area monochrome camera working as a push-broom type line scan camera providing full, contiguous spectral information for each pixel in the line. They are ideal for industrial measurements, including applications such as moisture profiling, and chemical sorting, offering high spatial resolution, distortion free images and high frame rate of up to 400 images per second. Three models are offered.

The transmission diffraction grating and lens optics included in the spectrograph provide high light throughput and a high-quality and distortionless image which is designed to meet the unique requirements of the associated detector. The maintenance-free cooling unit keeps the detector temperature stable throughout a wide ambient temperature range.

Both a cased camera and uncased OEM model are available and are delivered with separate power supply/control unit, frame grabber and cables.

** Moisture profiling **Food analaysis **Chemical sorting ** Recycling ** Pharmaceutical QA ** Medical imaging ** Cosmetics

The cased camera is equipped with an electro-mechanical shutter for dark image acquisition.
The camera housing is designed for easy handling connectivity and operation.

OEM camera

NIR spectrum - Three hyperspectral cameras imaging in the NIR spectrum: 900 - 1700 nm ±10nm .
TE-cooled InGaAs photo diode array
Pixel in full frame 320 x 256: active 320 (spatial) x 240 (spectral) 640 x 512: 640 (spatial) x 360 (spectral) 320 x 256: active 320 (spatial) x 240 (spectral)
Pixel size 30 x 30 µm 20 x 20 µm 30 x 30 µm
Frame rate 100 fps/ 350 fps 120 fps / 400 fps 100 fps
Spectral range
900 - 1700 nm ±10nm
Optical spectral resolution
5 nm (30 µm slit)
Spectral sampling 3.3 nm 2.2 nm 3.3 nm
Spatial resolution
rms spot radius < 15 µm
Interface 12-bit, USB2, Camera Link 14-bit, CameraLInk 12-bit, Camera Link
Lens mount
Standard C - mount
OEM - 4.5 kg. Cased 5.38 kg

OEM - 4.4 kg. Cased - 5.28 kg

L x W x H
OEM - 350 x 100 x 130 mm
Cased - 385 x 120 x 135 mm
OEM - 350 x 100 x 115 mm
Cased - 385 x 120 x 135 mm
Operating temperature
+5... +40 °C non-condensing
-20... +85°C
Specim Spectral camera NIR data sheet






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