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UI-6410RE M/C
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uEye RE_GigE camera

VGA with CCD sensors
Besides being able to perform reliably in dusty and wet environments, the GigE UI-6410RE monochrome and colour cameras come with the flexibility of the Gigabit Ethernet interface (bandwidth 2.5 times higher than USB) and meet the requirements of the IP65 and IP67 standards.

Specifically made to perform well in rugged conditions, the GigE uEye RE cameras are available in a compact housing and carry all features required in outdoor and indoor vision applications.

The GigE U-6410RE carries a high-quality, light-sensitive 1/3" CCD sensor with global shutter and provides a resolution of 640x48, achieving 75 frames-per-second in full-frame mode. More than 111 frames-per-second are possible in AOI-mode with 320 x 240 pixels

Like all cameras of the uEye series, the GigE UI-6410RE comes with an extensive software bundle to allow for easy integration into any application. Also included are the comprehensive SDK third-party drivers (Active X and TWAIN) for most image processing software applications and the uEye Camera Manager for easy management of all connected uEye cameras.

For those who prefer to use a common software interface to achieve camera interoperability, IDS Imaging offers DirectShow and GeniCam support with all cameras.

CCD, global shutter, progressive scan, 75 fps, Glass Filter

UI-6410RE-C-HQ (colour)
CCD, global shutter, progressive scan, 75 fps, IR-filter

Model UI-6410RE
Resolution 640 x 480
Sensor 1/3" CCD
Format Monochrome and colour
Video Output GigE
Max. Frame Rate 75 fps
Memory -
Shutter Global
Shutter Speed Exposure: 44 µs - 638 ms (freerun mode)
Dimensions. 41 x 53 x 47,7 mm (HxWxD)

iDS UI-6410RE GigE Camera Datasheet




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