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The uEye UI-6220HE-M is a monochrome Gigabit Ethernet camera with WVGA resolution offering a high quality image for industrial applications. With a 768 x 576 pixel resolution it is capable of speeds of 52 frames per second at full resolution and higher frame rates with Binning or Area Of Interest (AOI). With a pixel size of 8.3µm x 8.3µm, the UI-6220HE-M offers high sensitivity and low noise images. With Gigabit Ethernet it is capable of transferring 2.5 times more image data than a USB2 camera and can do so over a cable length of 100m. The Gigabit Ethernet uEye provides for high performance machine vision and image processing applications at a cost effective price.

The UI-6220HE-M is equipped with a C-mount lens connector with adjustable mounting dimensions. A symmetrical housing permits mounting at 90/180 degrees without having to create new mount brackets. In addition to trigger input and a strobe output, it features an RS232 interface and two General Purpose Input/Output (GPIO) ports that can be used either as digital inputs or digital outputs.

With its GigE architecture, the UI-6220HE-M is ideally suited for use with PC, Notebook and Embedded Systems and where long cable lengths are required for factory automation. The UI-6220HE-M is best suited to applications where motion or low light levels are factors and where the image quality cannot be compromised.

Model UI-6220HE-M
Resolution 768 x 576
Sensor 1/2" CCD with Global Shutter
Colour/Monochrome Monochrome
Pixel Size 8.3 x 8.3µm
Video Output Gigabit Ethernet
Max. Line/Frame Rate 52 fps using full frame mode or 97 fps using AOI
Memory -
Pixel Clock 5 - 30MHz
Shutter Speed 50µsec - 770msec
Optical Size 6.37 x 4.78mm
Dimensions 38 x 38 x 89.5mm
Weight 170g

iDS UI-6220HE-M Datasheet




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