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UI-5240CP-Monochrome GigE
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The GigE uEye CP family of cameras features an extremely compact housing while offering all the benefits of GigE technology: high bandwidth of more that 1 MByte and cable lengths up to 100 metres.

Additionally, the camera can be operated with Power-over-GigE or an external mains adaptor.

The UI-5240CP is an ultra-compact colour camera with e2v CMOS sensor in 1.3 Megapixel resolution (1280 x 1024 pixels) and a GigE interface. This camera is a truly innovative camera that blurs the distinction between CMOS and CCD cameras. It's global shutter eliminates motion blur and provdes crisp sharp images under all conditions. The sensitivity of the UI-5240CP also rivals even the more sensitive CCD cameras and is particularly sensitive in NIR. The UI-5240CP is an areascan camera but features a fast linescan mode with the ability to select any of the 1024 lines and outputs it at a line rate of up to 64KHz. The camera can be switched between areascan and linescan operation which opens up new possibilties previously unachievable.

The UI-5240CP is built in a ruggedised industrial enclosure. Besides the screw-on RJ45 plug for GigE, the UI-5240CP features a 6-pin Hirose connector for optional power supply and digital in-/outputs (optically decoupled up to 30 V).

The uEye Camera Manager guarantees easy and fast Plug-and-Play-configuration on Windows and Linux systems.

Spectral Range of UI-5240CP-M Camera    


Model UI-5240CP-M
Resolution 1280 x 1024
Sensor 1/1.8" CMOS with Global Shutter
Colour/Monochrome Monochrome
Pixel Size 5.30 µm
Video Output Gigabit Ethernet
Max. Line/Frame Rate 50 fps
Dimensions H: 29.00 mm, W: 29.00 mm, L: 41.00 mm
Weight 55 g

iDS UI-5240CP-M Datasheet




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