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IP camera 5481VSE
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With on-board video server: 5481VSE-C-SD32 and 5481VSE-D/N-SD32 1/2", 5-Megapixel sensor
Ready for immediate use
without any programming efforto r complex implementation, the VSE camera, with its on-board video server, offers outstanding usability thanks to its intuitive and browser-based user interface with no additional software installation required.

The camera offers various view modes including full screen, snapshot, capture mode as well as streaming options.

Thanks to MJPEG and H.264 data compression modes, a valuable feature is the camera's minimum storage requirements and low amounts of data required for operation. Consequently, images and videos are available at any time as they are stored directly in the 32 GB internal camera memory, ensuring that no data is lost. This allows seamless tracing of any incidents and makes searching for specific incidents a easy task.

The VSE also allows the monitoring of a number of processes simultaneously as live videos of multiple cameras can be displayed in one browser window.

Applications for the VSE IP include process monitoring, logistics and intelligent transport systems.

The VSE D/N with Day/Night function is the ideal choice for all applications in changing lighting conditions where an automated infrared band-elimination filter ensures optimal image quality. During the night or insufficient lighting conditions the filter is replaced by a standard glass filter taking advantage of the remaining light. The day-to-night change can be configured manually, automatically or via timeline.

Instead of using conventional light barriers, the VSE's integrated and interactively controllable motion detection acts as a trigger. This feature is particularly helpful for applications in logistics - for example - for parcel or baggage inspection.

Key features

• Intuitive user interface

The VSE is immediately ready for use without complex implementation or programming due to the browser-based VSE Control Center allowing simple camera configuration and interactive operation. The camera works with every web browser so is totally platform independent and can be accessed anytime and anywhere

• Full overview A variety of display options guarantee a full overview: from full-screen to snapshots, from instant recordings to various streaming modes. Moreover, MJPEG and H.264 data compression with streaming results in a significantly lower data volume and less memory requirements. The camera also allows to monitor several processes simultaneously with its unique "Remote View" feature where live videos from multiple VSE cameras are displayed in one single browser window.
• Easy access to stored data Instant access to images and videos with a variety of viewing modes is available via timeline, event bar or play list making process monitoring or ITS applications easy. Events are fully traceable, as causes can easily be identified using pre-alarm recordings. The internal 32 GB memory also ensures that no data is lost making events fully traceable and specific event-searching straightforward.
• Easy recording Recording images is very easy by choosing to trigger either via a graphical timeline, software or the integrated, interactive motion detection
• Motion detection Motion detection is an alternative to light barriers and helps save costs and valuable time as extra programming effort is unnecessary. Instead of using conventional light barriers, the VSE’s integrated and interactively controllable motion detection and acts as a trigger making this feature is particularly helpful for applications within logistics, eg. for parcel or baggage inspection.
• Protecting privacy To protect the privacy of employees, unwanted regions can be hidden using a mask mode
• Full control Monitor all processes even from afar with the free “IDS RemoteView” apps available for Android and iOS tablets and smart phones. Both apps offer an intuitive, graphical user interface.
• Best image quality Highest detail, accuracy and sensitivity is provided by the with e2v’s 1.3 MP and Aptina’s 5 MP CMOS sensors. e2v’s 1.3 MP sensor guarantees distortion-free images of moving objects thanks to its global shutter mode making it the perfect choice for application within ITS. Ideal images in all lighting and ambient conditions are guaranteed by the camera’s day/night function.
• Freedom of movement For easy installation and maximum freedom, power can be supplied via PoE (power over Ethernet) which allows to power supply and data transfer via one single cable. The camera’s ultra-compact design makes integration even easier.
• Sensor technology CMOS sensor offers real CCD image quality.



5481VSE-C D/N
1/2" 5-Megapixel CMOS colour
2560 x 1920
Pixel size
2.2 µm, square
Max frame rate
25 fps (depending on streaming profile)
Video streaming
Multi-stream MJPEG and H.264
Lens mount
CS mount
Video output
Analog. Mini jack Ø 2.5 mm
32 GB microSD memory on camera
Lens mount
CS mount
Power supply
12-24 V DC, Ethernet (100BASE-T) with PoE (Power over Ethernet)
Power consumption
3.6 W
Temperature range
Temperature range -5°C to + 50°C
34 x 44 x 68.3 mm
34 x 44 x 68 mm
127 g
129 g
Optional Day/Night version with moveable IR filter

5481VSE-C data sheet
5481VSE-C D/N data sheet




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