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Prosilica GX2300/2300C
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Prosilica GX2300/2300C


• Fast • 4 megapixel • Very High resolution• Dual GigE port • Excellent sensitivity • Low noise

The Prosilica 4 Megapixel GX 2330/2330C is an ultra-high resolution camera with two screw-captivated Gigabit Ethernet ports configured as a Link Aggregation Group to provide a sustained maximum data rate of 240 MBytes per second.

Equipped with a Kodak KAI-04050 1" format CCD and giving superior image quality, excellent sensitivity, and low noise, the CX 2300/2300C runs at 32 frames per second at 2336 x 1752 resolution and even faster with region of interest readout.

The GigE Vision-compliant GX 2300/2300C uses standard gigabit Ethernet hardware and cables operating with lengths of up to 100 metres using conventional Cat5e cables.

The camera is available in both monochrome and colour versions.

Other features include:
• Global shutter (Snapshot shutter)
• Pixel size - 5.5 µm square
• Gigabit Ethernet interface - Dual Port 240 MB/s and GigE Vision compliant
• Maximum power consumption - <5.9W using a single GigE port or <6.8W using 2 GigE ports
• Thermal management enclosure
• In-board memory - FIFO 128MB
• Software development Kit included

Applications for the Prosilica GX2300/2300C include:
• High-resolution industrial inspection
• General machine vision
• LCD panel inspection
• 3-D metrology
• Public security
• Military surveillance
• Traffic imaging (intelligent traffic systems)
• Embedded systems
• OEM applications

Model Prosilica GX2300/2300C
2336 x 1752
Sensor 1" CCD
Data Rate
240 MBytes per second
Max. Line/Frame Rate
32 fps at full resolution
Pixel Size
5.5µm x 5.5µm
Video Output
GigE Vision
33 x 53.3 x 107.2 (including connectors, w/o tripod and lens)
Weight 269g

AVT Prosilica GX 2300/2300C Camera Datasheet




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