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Bigeye G-629NIR Cooled
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Bigeye G283 B cooled

Peltier cooled, full-framed, 6-Megapixel camera imaging in the visible and the NIR spectra

The Bigeye G-629NIR Cool is a cooled CCD camera with a very high dynamic range, a 6-Megapixels resolution and a sensitive, full-frame sensor. This camera is optimised for applications with low-light conditions that require long exposure times and is sensitive to both visible and NIR spectra but optimised for NIR.

The camera can operate with its internal long life electro-mechanical shutter or with external impulse light sources with open shutter. Its compact, robust metal housing ensures reliable operation under rough, industrial conditions.

Being GigE Vision-compliant and compatible with AVT's GigE SDKs, the Bigeye G-629NIR Cool can be easily integrated into existing applications. Additionally, numerous third-party software solutions can also be used with this camera.

Smart features
• Dual-level Peltier cooling • 5-year warranty against condensation • Low dark current even at very long exposures
• Superior signal/noise ratio • Robust alloy metal housing for industrial use • Secure operation due to screw locks at all connectors
• Multi-functional, user-configurable I/O interface • Support of AVT’s GigE (SDKs)  

The Bigeye G-629B is ideal for industrial and scientific imaging projects such as:
• Low noise imaging • Image acquisition with long exposure times • Microscopy with high resolution • Non-destructive evaluation of photosensitive objects
• Fluorescence microscopy • Gel electrophoresis, DNA documentation • Astronomy  


Model Bigeye G-629NIR
3072 x 2048
Sensor Type 35 mm Kodak progressive mono CCD
Max. frame rate at full resolution
0.67 fps
Pixel Size
9.0 µm
Exposure time Up to 4292 s (˜ 71 min)
Dynamic range tbd
Video Output
GigE Vision
Cooling temperature +5°C
Operating temperature
0 °C ... 35 °C
Power consumption (12 V) max. <37.2 W, typ. <18 W
Lens mount F-mount
Dimensions (L x W x H ) 131.55 x 90 x 109 mm (including connectors, w/o lens)
Weight 1460 g

AVT Bigeye G-629NIR camera data sheet




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