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StreamPix 9
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StreamPix is Norpix’s flag ship software product. It is designed to stream images to disk in real time at high speed. With StreamPix 9, it is possible to view, control and acquire from single or multiple cameras simultaneously, all in the same user interface. StreamPix provides a complete management console for cameras and simplifies the setup, control and acquisition for up to 16-cameras per computer.

StreamPix is ideal for identifying and preventing real-time production line issues. e.g. When a paper-break event is detected, StreamPix software automatically marks the event in the video recording. Stand-by teams can then easily review the pre-event and post-event video by using the slow motion and frame-by-frame playback modes present in the software tools.

Migration to version 9 is free for customers who have purchased StreamPix 8 or upgraded to version 8 as of April 1st, 2021. Additionally, StreamPix 9 is no longer compatible with 32-bit versions and Windows XP.

StreamPix, key features:
• Four StreamPix versions available; Lite single and multiple, full single and multiple.
• Supports a wide selection of cameras and frame grabbers.
• Free and Premium modules such as GPS, IrigB, Audio and multiple camera merging.
• Compatible GigE Vision, USB3, 10 and 25 GigE Vision, Camera Link, CoaXPress, ONVIF, Firewire, Web IP, WDM and Fiber based.
• State of the art customizable GUI.
• Console for setup, control and acquisition.
• Capture at up to 7.5 Gigabytes/second.
• Continuous upgrade and software maintenance.
• Supports codecs such as JPEG, H.264, HEVC, M-JPEG, MPEG4, AAC and MP3.
• Accelerated compression using NVIDIA CUDA GPU.
• Multicamera synchronized capture and synchronized playback.
• Web Streamer: Stream cameras to the web.
StreamPix 9 is an upgraded 64-bit version. The following are notable additions:
• Software licensing protection replacing the need of a USB dongle.
• PTP camera synchronization for supported cameras.
• GPU accelerated Bayer interpolation and colour processing during H264 and HEVC compression (supported with Nvidia, AMD and Intel GPU).
• Pharmaceutical
• Paper and printing plants
• Plastic container manufacturer
• Web break monitoring systems for your production line
• Packaging lines
• Food production
• Component manufacturing
• Bottling lines jam troubleshooting
Free Modules:
The following modules are bundled with StreamPix and installed by default as a free add on. They can perform various image processing or analysis tasks and generally can be used during live, capture, recording and or playback. They can process most supported image format from the cameras.
Alpha Blending:
- Blend 2 images together. The level of blending transparency can be adjusted.
Auto Delete:
- Automatically delete captures sequence or image files that are older that a certain time or when number of files exceed a predefined limit. Useful for unattended usage of the software.
Average Image:
- Real time frame averaging (reduce frame rate) or rolling averaging (keep frame rate).
Bitmap Overlay:
- Burn a bitmap/logo on a captured image.
- Overlay a reticule or cross hair on captured images.
Exposure Time Reader:
- Read current camera exposure time and overlay the value on the captured image. Useful for camera with autoexposure mode.
Focus Assist:
- Provide real time visual feedback about lens optimum focus point.
- Real time calculate and display image histrogram.
Lens control module:
- Control lens parameters as Iris, Focus and Zoom for some GigE Vision compatible cameras.
- Show the global intensity level of each channel of the image.
Live Histogram:
- Histogram showing the variation of grey level average over time.
LTC/VITC Overlay:
- Overlay on captured image its Linear Time Code (cinema industry).
Lynx Camera:
- Advance control for Lynx based camera with frame rate, exposure and gain control.
- Calibrate and take some point to point, areas, or angles measurements into images.
Photon Focus Control:
- Advance control for PhotonFocus cameras with ROI, frame rate, exposure, gain control.
Pixel Dump:
- Plot and display the pixel intensity in decimal or hexadecimal around a region of interrest.
Pixel Value Exporter:
- Export the image pixel vaLues into an Excel compatible comma separated file.

Point-To-Point Caliper Module:
- Measure distance between 2 points in an image or measure speed of an object between by analyzing its position between 2 images.
Quick Overlay:
- Draw overlay shapes (rectangle, lines, ellipses, text...) on images.
- Perfrom real time image rotation, by any angle and any center position.
Seq Disk Space:
- Report in real time remaining disk space and available recording time.
Seq Histo:
- Real time histogram calculation.
Sync Status Detector:
- Report in real time synchronization status of the current time source: Sync with GPS or IRIG B, Lost Sync, Free wheel, Resyncing...
Text Overlay:
- Overlay on captured image user defined text.
Time Overlay:
- Overlay captured time stamp.

Video Out Module:
- Use secondary monitors as a full screen image display.
- Display single or multiple camera live over single or multiple monitors.
- Fast and low cost on CPU usage, using GPU capabilities.
- DX9.0 compatible VGA adapter required.
Premium Modules:
The following modules are installed with StreamPix, but they need a license to be activated. The license can be purchased separately or in a bundle with special pricing. The modules indicated with an asterisk are available as a bundled price.
Accurate Time Source Module*:
- Use an external time source like IRIG A/B or GPS to accurately time stamp each captured image.
Audio Trigger Module*:
- This plugin monitors an audio input line and notifies StreamPix when the audio level is higher than a certain value (threshold).
Audio Recording Module with multichannel inputs*:
- Record multichannel audio sources to separate wav / bwav format. Supports high quality sampling rate and resolution.
Batch Processing*:
- The Batch Processor adds a wizard-like workflow for sequencing multiple batch processes, simplifying the number of steps required to achieve the desired final conversion.
BlackMagic Playout Module:
- This module will use the video output available on certain Black Magic Design frame grabbers to output captured or playback video from StreamPix.
Crash/Jam monitoring module:
Cuda JPEG Real Time Compression Module*:
- Cuda JPEG compression module for high speed and high resolution cameras. Record from the new CMOSIS high resolution sensor in JPEG compressed mode. This module eliminates the need for RAID 0 or SSD computer setups.
DAQ Module:
- Analog to Digital data conversion and acquisition along with the video.
DMI - Distance Measurement Interval Module:
- Synchronize image capture rates for multiple cameras using the received information from a Pulse Distance Interval device.
Frame Grabber (FG) Pulse Generator:
- Use the frame grabber strobe output to generate a pulse train and synchrone cameras shutter and exposure.
GPS with NMEA Module*:
- Save from NMEA compatible GPS position information (Lat., Long., Alt., Speed...) along with image.
GRT Playout Module:
- The GRT Playout module provides the ability to drive the play-out capability for supported Great River Technology frame grabbers.
Image Merge:
- Allows combining horizontally or vertically images from 2 workspaces into a third workspace.
InfraRed Remapping:
- Remaps, in real time, high dynamic range images (10, 12 14 or 16 bit per pixel) into an 8 bit dynamic range suitable for image display.
Lidar logger Module:
- Connect to Sick Bulkscan LMS 511 device and retrieve data sent by the device.
Line Scan Module*:
- View images from line scan sensor with a waterfall view and generate standard 2D images or movies.
LTC/VITC Timing Module:
- Time stamping for audio and video used in the film industry Linear Time Code.
Motion Detection Module*:
- Detect motion or change in an image to generate an event in StreamPix.
MCC Pulse Generator Module and NI-DAQmx Pulse Generator Module*:
- Generate a frequency controllable pulse to synchronize multi camera exposure.
OPC and Modbus module:
- Remote control StreamPix from either an OPC or Modbus capable device.
ONVIF Pan/Tilt module*:
- Compatible with all ONVIF cameras.
Pre/Post Module*:
- Synchronize Pre/Post event management during recording over multiple cameras.
- Remotely view StreamPix images (live feed or playback) and control over the main features of StreamPix.
SimulPix Module:
- Simultaneously overlay 2 image streams together into a new stream.
Video scope:
- Real time feedback on the color space during the conversion process.
Web Streamer Module:
- Stream captured video to the internet or intranet.

*:The modules indicated with an asterisk are available as a bundled price.
NorPix Windows codec:

Motion JPEG codec H.264 codec CUDA H.264 CUDA HEVC codec

- CPU based. DirectShow compatible.
- Real Time JPEG compression to .AVI, .ASF or WMV file.
- Colour and Monochrome.
- Quality factor settings.
- Multi threaded.
- 32 bit and 64 bit.

- CPU/GPU/APU based. DirectShow compatible.
- Real Time H.264 compression to.AVI file.
- Colour or monochrome.
- Bit rate / GOP settings.
- Intel Quick Sync capable.
- 32 bit and 64 bit.
- GPU based. DirectShow compatible.
- Real Time H.264 compression to.AVI file.
- Multiple GPU supported for load balancing
- Kepler, Maxwell or Pascal based GPU.
- Maximum image resolution is UHD
- 32 bit and 64 bit.
- NVIDIA GPU based. DirectShow compatible.
- Real Time MJPEG compression to .AVI file.
- Up to 2.5 billion pixels monochrome or 1.3 billion pixels colour per second.
- No limit on image resolution.
- Multiple GPU supported for load balancing.
- 32 bit and 64 bit.
CUDA HEVC codec AMD H.264 codec Intel HEVC (H.265) MPEG4
- NVIDIA GPU based, DirectShow compatible.
- Real Time HEVC compression to .AVI file.
- Requires Maxwell 2 or newer GPU
- Multiple GPU for load balancing.
- Maximum image resolution is 4k.
- 32 bit and 64 bit.
- GPU based. DirectShow compatible.
- Requires R9 or RX AMD GPU for H.264 compression.
- Performance is GPU model dependant.
- Mutiple GPU supported for load balancing.
- Maximum image resolution is HD.
- 32 bit and 64 bit.
- DirectShow compatible codec allowing compression to AVI using Intel based CPU for real time HEVC (H.265) compression.
- Requires a 4th generation Intel core i7 CPU or higher and 64 bit OS.
- DirectShow compatible codec allowing. compression to AVI using Intel based CPU and GPU for real time MPEG4 compression.
- Requires a 2nd generation Intel core 13 CPU or higher.
AAC Codec MP3 Codec    
- DirectShow compatible audio codec allowing audio compression AAC.
- Supports a wide variety of audio sampling frequency and resolution.
- Adjustable compression quality via bitrate setting.
- available for 32 and 64 bit Windows
- DirectShow compatible audio codec allowing audio compression to MP3
- Supports a wide variety of audio sampling frequency and resolution
- Adjustable compression quality via bitrate setting
- Available for 32 and 64 bit windows




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