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Available in Standard, advanced and professional, MERLIC 4 is flexible and easy-to-use by factory-floor personnel.

It is an all-in-one software package designed for building machine vision applications without the need for programming and offers fast performance and ease-of-use.

Version 4 has added new features and addresses key demands in the machine vision market: Parallelization, 3D vision and PLC integration.

A key highlight of MERLIC 4 is the parallel processing tool which simplifies the implementation of multi-camera setups and allows for a more efficient use of the system's computing power. Different machine vision tasks can now be performed on one single instance.

3D vision tools
MERLIC 4 provides 3D vision tools based on height images. This provides users with the ability to read embossed text, check heights and perform other 3D machine vision tasks. For this, four new tools are included that make it possible to prepare images from 3D sensors or 3D cameras so that inspections can be carried out using MERLIC's existing 2D tools.

Process integration with real-time Ethernet and fieldbus systems and recipes
MERLIC 4 now provides optimized process integration via Hilscher cifX cards of all current for factors enabling easy communicating with common fieldbus and real-time Ethernet industrial protocols, such as EtherCAT PROFINET and many others, via Hilscher PC cards. This makes it possible to use a programmable logic controller (PLC) to integrate, seamlessly.

• Non-skilled users can develop a robust professional vision inspection application
• Just about anyone on the factory floor can build their own inspection with GUI without having to write any code
• MERLIC enables a faster time to market due to the shortening of software training time
• The total cost-of-ownership is lowered by MERLIC: Changing a product or inspection is quicker, cheaper and easier with MERLIC
• MERLIC is simple and quick, but, for customised inspections, it can be combined with MVTec’s rich-and-powerful HALCON Toolbox for added functionality

Key Features & Benefits




Multiple Front ends
Various front ends can simultaneously be connected from different computers to your machine. This allows you to check on your machine without compromising speed or productivity.
Tool Flow
MERLIC fully supports the parallel processing and execution of different tools. This makes it possible to solve different image processing tasks in one instance and greatly simplifies the implementation of multi-camera setups
An outstanding, innovative, and unique feature in MERLIC is the easyTouch, one-click concept, guiding the user towards a solution, interactively. Hovering the mouse pointer over an image allows easyTouch to recognize and mark objects to be identified.
Multiple Languages
MERLIC 4 offers a graphical user interface as well as documentation available in simplified language for non-technical staff
Integrated PLC Communication
The software offers full integration for your entire application, including the programmable control (PLC). MERLIC 4 can link with common industrial protocols such as EtherCAT and Profinet via Hilscher PC cards.
Parallel Processing
MERLIC fully supports the parallel processing and execution of different tools making it possible to solve different image processing tasks in one instance and greatly simplifying the implementation of multi-camera setups
MERLIC Designer
Interactively design a front end for your application: choose between various widgets and simply place them by drag-and-drop which automatically links the widgets to parameters of tools.
Image-centred user interface
The image-centered design allows you to configure the application directly via the image without the need to write source code or to adjust lots of parameters.
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