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Dalsa's Machine Vision Appliance range extends

Dalsa Machine Vision Appliances

Machine Vision Appliances from Dalsa iPD are powerful pre-packaged Machine Vision systems with a simple and practical user interface. The most recent additions to the Dalsa Vision Appliance range - VA30/31 were recently displayed and demonstrated at the Manufacturing Technology InFocus 2007 show in Sydney. These new VA's were received with a lot of interest and they have bridged the gap between the VA20/21 devices and the VA40/41 devices.

Dalsa iPD machine Vision Appliances are now available in 9 different models that have been designed to provide a flexible solution for a wide range of common manufacturing and packaging inspection problems. They range from the VA15 - a single camera device to the VA41 which supports 6 cameras. The series also offers a line scan system with the VA50/51.

Dalsa iPD Machine Vision Appliances come in 9 different models:

  • VA15
  • VA20/21
  • VA30/31
  • VA40/41
  • VA50/51

VA15 Machine Vision Appliance

The VA15 defines a single camera entry level standard for machine vision solutions through its small compact size, fast embedded processor, flexible sensor control and interface capabilities and pre-installed software for any type of vision user.

The VA15 is a low cost yet flexible vision system that is more highly configurable than any other vision device in its class. Its simple-to-use iNspect-Lite software offers a wide variety of vision tools that can be placed, configured and set for pass/fail with ease. Tools provided include the ability to locate patterns; measure distances and circle diameters; measure angles; count objects and detect / analyse surface defects; measure the brightness of objects; report pattern match scores; read 2D and 1D barcodes as well as many others. The VA15 can communicate with most other smart industrial devices such as robots and PLC's with in-built protocols. These need only be selected from a drop down list and are flexible enough so that the user has full control over what is communicated.

The VA15 is remotely programmed via an ethernet connection and has local monitor connection so that operators can view inspection and results in real time.

VA20/21 Machine Vision Appliance

The VA20/21 unit is set apart from the VA15 with its ability to connect to 2 cameras and has extra memory capability, extra software options and features both local and remote inspection setup.

The VA20/21 supports monochrome cameras with a resolution up to 1024 x 768 pixels running at up to 60 frames per second.

The iNspect and Sherlock 7 pre-loaded software offer extended functionality including Optical Character Recognition; spatial calibration for lens distortion; image processing functions for image enhancement; the ability to measure rotated objects; measure beads, concentricity and multiple width measures (rake); detect flashing in plastics as well as label inspection. Sherlock software adds a whole new level of control and allows an experienced user the very highest level of customisation.

The VA20 is available in two versions. The VA20 version requires an external PC/Laptop connection with Microsoft web browser for remote setup. The VA21 version contains additional hardware that allows users to setup and run applications locally with keyboard, mouse and monitor.

VA30/31 Machine Vision Appliance

The VA30/31 is the newest addition to the Dalsa's family of iPD Machine Vision Appliances. It bridges the gap between the VA40 and the VA20 range.

The VA30/31 is simply a better performing addition to the existing VA20/21 unit with twice the processing power and double in capacity for onboard and flash memory. Other impressive upgrades include its graphical display and memory throughputs performing 3 times faster in comparison to the older VA20/21 unit. The VA30/31 vision appliance will accept and connect to a wide selection of monochrome cameras to a maximum resolution of up to 1375 x 1135 pixels. The USB ports have also been upgraded from 1.1 to 2.0. Other improvements include faster boot-up time and file level protection for O/S.

VA40/41 Machine Vision Appliance

The VA40/41 range has a compact but larger footprint (215 x 200 x 75 mm) and offers very high performance and versatility to the vision user. It is by far the most powerful and flexible vision device of its class.

The VA40 supports up to 3 monochrome analog cameras to a maximum resolution of 1600 x 1200 pixels. The VA41 supports 3 monochrome analog cameras with a maximum resolution of 1600 x 1200 pixels, or a single analog colour camera while also simultaneously acquiring from 3 Firewire monochrome or colour cameras with no limit on resolution. This offers a clear superiority in this device making it highly flexible with a clear price-to-performance advantage over other sensors or cameras. This cost-effective and low complexity Vision Appliance is the undeniable leader in the vision market.

The VA40/41 comes with iNspect, iLabel and Sherlock 7. The unit can store over 256 solutions, 32 of which can be switched externally through user I/O for line changeovers. The support for 3rd party software in the VA40/41 allows the unit to control devices associated with the application.

With multiple cameras the VA40/41 can handle applications such as:

  • Detect missing or incorrect components in a package or assembly
  • Inspect front, back and top surfaces simultaneously
  • Track or verify products, barcode or 2D matrix
  • Align PCBs, locate and report position
  • Locate and count objects
  • Verify label position, fill level, cap and safety seal on bottles
  • Check for surface defects
  • Verify a label is not torn, smeared, stained or folded

    VA50/51 Machine Vision Appliance

    The VA50/51 range offers a compact, high performance and fully-featured software package in a machine vision solution for line scan applications.

    The VA50/51 machine vision appliance retains the same compact size of the VA40/41 unit but differs as it can provide up to 2 cameralink camera inputs that allow you to image and inspect from two line scan cameras simultaneously. It is supported by various cameras of different resolutions that typically range from 1024 to 8096 pixels.

Sherlock's configurable interface allows you to quickly prototype , benchmark and deploy inspection solutions. In addition to its extensive library of preprocessors and machine vision algorithms, Sherlock supports inline scripting, user custom tools and a customizable operator interface.

The VA50E machine vision appliance provides the timing inputs and outputs for synchronizing the cameras to the speed of the moving part or surface. It caters for line scan machine vision applications such as cylindrical unwrapping, large format imaging of moving surfaces or continuous web inspection.

Adept Electronic Solutions (AES) are the machine vision and imaging specialists in Australian and New Zealand and sole distributor for Dalsa iPD's machine vision systems and image analysis software. With a broad range of world class machine hardware and software products, AES provides a complete machine vision systems solution.

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