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Fire Compact 400
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The IEEE-1394 High Performance Serial Bus - also known as FireWireT (Apple) or i.LINKT (Sony) - defines a high speed next-generation network topology and protocol. Guaranteed bandwidth is provided for mission critical applications, and live connect/disconnect and many other impressing features more make the IEEE-1394 a fast, reliable, durable and universal interconnection between computers and I/O devices.

The FireCompact400 is equipped with the PCILynx-2 controller (TI), hence being compatible to PCILynx based application tools and protocol stacks by leading third party software vendors. The FireCompact400 provides for three IEEE-1394 400Mbps transceiver cable ports (compatible to 200/100Mbps). Peripheral devices can be powered directly by the boards 1394 connectors. Regardless whether the CompactPCI® system is switched off, the hub function of the FireCompact400 will be maintained by 1394 cable power distribution.

Often compared to the slower USB (Universal Serial Bus), the IEEE-1394 High Performance Serial Bus defines data rates up to 3200Mbps (1394b), providing both asynchronous and isochronous data transfers. Isochronous packets are issued on the average of each 125us in support of time-sensitive applications. A high quality video signal e.g. generates an uncompressed continuous data flow of up to 200Mbps, which is passed across the IEEE-1394 bus just-in-time. 
Hence the FireCompact400 is suitable for a wide range of industrial applications, e.g. image based control systems with real-time demand.
The FireCompact400 strictly requires PCILynx-2 compatible software (e.g.Unibrain, or TI Lynxsoft).
The FireCompact400 is housed on a 3U (single size) Eurocard. For 6U CompactPCI® systems, a mechanical adapter kit is available to expand the front panel of the CF4 to the full 6U height.

The package contains:

  • One FireCompactT400 host adapter
  • ubCore (Unibrain's 1394 core technology)
  • FireNetNT4 (1394 Networking driver for Windows NT 4.0 ONLY)
  • Fire-i (1394 camera & control Utility)
  • FireAPI/Fire-iAPI (ubCore) license
OS Supported
Windows NT4/98SE/Me/2000/XP

The FireCompact400 is a 400Mbps IEEE-1394 host adapter, suitable for all high performance CompactPCI industrial computer systems.

Technical Specifications


3U Eurocard (100x160mm2), front panel 4HP (20.2mm) EMV shielded, ejection lever



Molex connectors 6-position, including power distribution (+12V/1A), individually fused by Polyswitch resettable fuse

Cable Type

Shielded, 2 power conductors (power pair), 2x2 signal conductors (twisted pair, each pair shielded) Differential A, Differential B

Data Transfer Rate

Link Layer Controller: 100, 200 and 400Mbps
PHY Transceiver: 100, 200 and 400Mbps

Controller Chip

TI PCILynx-2 TSB12LV21B Link Layer Controller, Zoom Video Port

PHY Chip

TI TSB41AB3 or TSB41LV03A IEEE-1394 triple-cable transceiver/arbiter, cable port monitor, cable power monitor, transceiver disabled when cable not active, short reset, compatible to 1394-1995 and 1394a-2000, switching regulator powers PHY from cable when board is switched off (hub function maintained)

LED Array

1x2 LED, cable active node(s), PHY power

CompactPCI Bus

Connector J1

32-bit, 33MHz (133MB/s)
32-bit DMA bus master (133MB/s)
PCI burst mode
3.3V or 5V interface

Power Consumption

Connector J1

+5V ±5% 0.1A  max.
+3.3V ±0.3V 0.3A  max.
+12V  ±5% 0.1A max. (without 1394 cable power charge)
VIO +3.3V or +5V, max. 0.1A


Commercial Grade Version

Operation temperature 0-70EC
Humidity 5-90% non condensing


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