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Phantom S711
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The Phantom S711 is a streaming camera that can deliver over 7,000 frames per second at its full 1Mpx resolution of 1280 x 800, and achieve over 240,000 at its lowest resolution. This camera is capable of 7 Gpx/sec, employing CXP-over-Fibre to transfer data and images for instant analysis. These features combine to offer end users the rare functionality of extremely high frame rates in a streaming format.  The Phantom S711 is a great tool for scientists, researchers and engineers who are looking to perform tasks like flow cytometry or high-speed motion analysis tasks like automotive crash testing.

With the frame rates, resolution and streaming capabilities that this CXP-over-Fibre camera offers, it excels in challenging applications that require real-time analysis or long record times like 3D printing or even space shuttle launches.

Like the Phantom S641, the Phantom S711 has up to two Regions of Interest (ROI), as well as a feature that allows users to focus on the exact region they want to analyse. This reduces unwanted data flow and can also increase frame rates over the established transfer methods.

The S711 has additional ease-of-use features including Auto-exposure and Extreme Dynamic Range (EDR), and a mechanical shutter for remote black references to ensure it produces the best image possible.

The Phantom S711 can be used with just one or both fibre outputs, depending on the amount of data to be transferred. The fibres connect to fibre frame grabbers located in a PC.  The camera uses CXP-12 for high throughput in an uncomplicated format. The S711 is also GenICam (GENeric Inference for CAMeras) compliant GenICam delivers end-to-end configuration for the CXP interface and many other interfaces.

Key features:
• 2 flexible Regions of Interest (ROI)
• Over 200,000 fps at reduced resolutions
• Standard CXP 2.0 and GenICam protocols
• 8 channels of CXP12 in 2 Fibre cables
Phantom S711
1280 x 800
Sensor Type
CMOS Colour or Mono
Sensor Size
25.6 x 16 mm
Pixel size
20 μm
Frame rate
7,275 fps @ 8bit, 5,780 fps @ 12bit
Dynamic range

Click here to download Phantom S711 datasheet





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