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Bumblebee X 5GigE Cameras

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The Bumblebee X 5GigE Stereo Vision cameras by Teledyne FLIR is built to perform advanced depth sensing tasks in application areas like robotic guidance, pick and place and warehouse automation.

Bumblebee X is a comprehensive and real-time stereo vision solution. Customers can test and deploy depth sensing systems that work up to 20 meters distance with the wide baseline solution. With the Bumblebee X's low latency, it is ideal for real-time applications, such as autonomous mobile robots, automated guided vehicles, pick and place, bin picking, and palletisation.

Key features:
- Factory calibrated 24cm baseline stereo vision with 3 MP sensors for high accuracy and low latency real-time applications.
- IP67 industrial rated vision system with ordering options of colour and monochrome, different field-of-views, and 1GigE or 5GigE PoE.
- Onboard processing to output a depth map and colour data for point cloud conversion and colourisation.
- Ability to trigger an external pattern projector and synchronize multiple systems together for more precise 3D depth information.
- Software library with articles and example code for Windows, Linux, and Robotics Operating System (ROS) support.


- Mobile Robots
- Automated Guided Robots

- Machine Vision Inspection

Quick Specs
BX-P5G-30C-XC3 BX-P5G-30C-XC5 BX-P5G-30C-XC7
Megapixels 3 MP 3 MP 3 MP
Data Interface Gigabit Ethernet 5 Gbps / 2.5 Gbps / 1 Gbps Gigabit Ethernet 5 Gbps / 2.5 Gbps / 1 Gbps Gigabit Ethernet 5 Gbps / 2.5 Gbps / 1 Gbps
Spectrum Colour Colour Colour
Sensor Shutter Type Global shutter Global shutter Global shutter
Field of View 60° 80° 105°
Mounting 1/4"-20, M4 1/4"-20, M4 1/4"-20, M4
Pixel Size
3.45 3.45
Machine Vision Standard GigE Vision v2.0 GigE Vision v2.0 GigE Vision v2.0



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