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The CV-S3200P is an analog colour CCD camera with PAL resolution designed for industrial applications. The 737 x 575 pixel 1/2" ExView HAD sensor outputs 25 frames per second at full resolution.

It uses new Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology which results in a high fidelity colour signal and remarkably high S/N ratio. The 1/2" sensor provides a high sensitivity of 0.09 Lux and being interlaced scan CCD sensor the extra light sensitivity and enhanced anti-smear minimise artifacts to provide a superior video grade output. Additionally easy access to several white balance modes and back light compensation with selectable patterns extends the performance of the CV-S3200P.

The CV-S3200P can be ideally utilized in applications such as surveillance, security, medical and a large variety of industrial applications.

Model CV-S3200P
Resolution 737 x 575
Sensor Color 1/2” IT EXview HAD CCD
Format Ye, Cy, Mg, and G complementary Colour
Pixel Size 8.6 x 8.3 µm
Video Output Y/C and VBS
Max. Line/Frame Rate 25 frames/sec
Shutter 1/125 to 1/10,000
Sensitivity 0.09 lux
S/N Ratio >50 dB
Lens Mount CS-mount
Operating Temp -5 °C to +45 °C
Power 12V DC ± 10%. 3W
Dimensions 45 x 55 x 110.2 mm
Weight 350g

JAI CV-S3200P Datasheet




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