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JAI's AD-080GE prism-based, 2-CCD progressive area scan camera is designed around Sony’s ICX-204AK & Sony ICX-204AL progressive scan CCD sensors (1024 x 768 pixels) delivering 30 frames per second in continuous operation and up to 85 fps using partial scan. It is capable of simultaneously capturing visible and near-infrared light spectrums through the same optical path using two individual channels: the first channel has a Bayer mosaic color imager that captures visible light, while the second channel has a monochrome sensor for capturing near infrared light.

The prism inside the AD-080GE camera splits the light in two channels. The visible light channel captures the red, green and blue bands of conventional imaging. The 2nd channel blocks visible light and detects only near-infrared to capture imperfections the human eye can't see.

JAI’s specific manufacturing process enables high-precision bonding of 2 image sensors onto Jai's in-house designed prism optics. True multi-spectral information is secured from each channel, as the visible and NIR spectra are separated by the dichroic coatings of the prism. (The separation wavelength is 760 nm).

The camera features built-in pre-processing functions which include:
** blemish compensation
** shading compensation
** Bayer to RGB interpolation
** LUT/gamma correction
** knee control.

Separate exposure times for each channel allow mutual adjustment without changes in gain, maintaining a consistent signal-to-noise ratio.

A comprehensive software tools and SDK for Windows XP/Vista is available.

What are the benefits of deploying the AD-080GE camera?
*** The AD-080GE camera is an excellent substitute for two-camera solutions, reducing costs and avoiding deployment issues such as the need for two-camera alignment.
*** Being multi-spectral the camera is designed for where there is a need for a perfect overlap of the visible image and the NIR image.
*** This prism-based camera enables the capturing of objects that are different sizes or at different distances and yet maintain pixel correlation. An image task can only be handled by a prism-based solution.
*** Another advantage of the AD-080GE is in situations where the surface of an object is to be checked with the visible spectrum channel while the damage below the surface is inspected by the NIR component (eg fruit and vegetable inspection)
*** Simplicity – one camera, one lens, one power supply, one set of cables, simple light source setup

What are typical applications for the AD-080GE camera?
separation of food and non-food objects (e.g. stones or plastic items).
*** inspection of medical blister pack or other plastic film containers where the visible channel inspects the print on the surface and the NIR channel inspects the contents.
*** print inspection of banknotes, passports and tickets, electronics inspection
*** wafer inspection
*** surface inspection of textiles, wood and metals

Model AD-080GE
Sensor 1/3” RGB Bayer mosaic IT CCD (Visible)
1/3” Monochrome interline transfer CCD (Near IR)
Resolution 1024 x 768
Format Visible: 30/24-bits RGB or raw Bayer output
Near IR: 8, 10, or 12-bit
Pixel Size 4.65 x 4.65µm
Video Output 2 x GigE Vision
Frame rate 30 frames/sec. in full frame mode
Shutter 1/30 to 1/10000 sec
Lens Mount C-Mount
Operating temperature -5°C to +45°C
Power 12-24V DC ± 10%. 7 W
Dimensions 55 x 55 x 98.3 mm
Weight 320 g

JAI AD-080GE Datasheet




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