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SW-2000M series
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JAI's Sweep SW-2000M series are industrial monochrome line scan cameras that combine high scan rates with extra-large high sensitivity pixels requiring less scene light than conventional line scan cameras. High quality images are still produced, however.

Offering 20 µm x 20 µm pixels, the Sweep SW-2000M provides a range of advantages to vision system designers among which are cost-savings on lighting and lenses. Camera budgets can be further stretched because of the SW-2000M's good price/performance ratio, resulting in getting more camera for the same investment.

Why choose a camera with large pixels?

Large pixels means scanning with less light - saves costs
Four times as many photons can be collected compared with using a 10 µm pixels camera, (provided that the field of view and lens aperture are the same), giving better image quality with less light intensity. Consequently, there is no need for expensive lighting solutions.
Larger pixels means faster scan rates
When the amount of light is limited, the Sweep camera can capture an acceptable exposure at double the line rate of a camera that has only 14 µm x 14 µm pixels; and 4 times the speed of a camera with 10-micron pixels.
Larger pixels means better signal/noise ratios
The SW-2000M-CL has a larger pixel area to collect photons (20 µm x 20 µm = 400 µm2) - 4 times the photo-sensitive area compared to a camera with only 10 µm pixels. The larger photon collection area is typically also associated with a larger quantum well capacity compared to a camera with smaller pixels. A large photon collection area combined with a larger quantum well capacity in Sweep provides a better signal/noise level maximizing the image quality.
Larger pixels means lowering the requirements for lens quality
Having larger pixels, the camera has lower requirements regarding the “Modulation Transfer Function - MTF” performance specifications of the lens giving the SW-2000M has a higher tolerance to “lens blur” and less dependency on high quality lenses with high spatial resolution to obtain good image quality. A less-costly lens without compromising image quality. Even sharper images are obtained when a high quality lens is used.
Larger pixels means that the physical dimension of the vision system can be minimized
A 2048-pixel camera with 20 µm pixels can be moved closer to the inspected object (keeping the same Field-of-View) than a 2048 pixel camera with only 10 µm size pixels using the same focal length lens and so minimizing the physical dimension of the vision system. Moving closer to the objects being scanned also means that less scene light is needed and consequently lowering the illumination costs.

Images are always sharp with autofocus from 10 cm up to ~
Excellent image detail through 13 MP CMOS sensor by Sony (4192 x 3104 pixel)
Live Full HD video (1920 x 1080 @30fps)
Adapts to difficult lighting conditions using automatic backlight compensation
More image details due to 16x digital zoom
Easy to integrate thanks to compact size (32 x 61 x 19 mm)
Suits industrial use due to magnesium housing and screw-on USB connector
USB 3.0 guarantees very fast and stable data transfer

Suitable for applications with changing ambient conditions:
Access controls Logistics • Transportation
Kiosk systems (vending machines, ATMs, multimedia stations, passport readers)

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1 line x 2048
Custom CMOS
Sensor size
40.96 mm
Scan rate
10 Hz to 80 kHz
10 Hz to 65 kHz
Pixel size
20.0 x 20.0 µm
Camera Link
Lens mount
Nikon F-mount
Operating temperature
+5°C to +50°C
5 W max. (via CXP)
12V to 26V DC, 5W, max.
99.3 mm x 119.3 mm x 45.3 mm
620 g

SW-2000M CXP datasheet
SW-2000M-CL-80 datasheet
SW-2000M CL-65 datasheet




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