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Dalsa's BOA M1280 Vision System

The BOA M1280 vision system is a highly-integrated optical inspection tool for quality inspection and factory automation. It comprises all the elements of an industrial machine vision system in a tiny, smart-camera-style package.

Why is this smart camera, really smart?
DALSA's all-in-one machine vision solution, the BOA M1280 monochrome smart camera offers superior image quality at a resolution of 1280 x 960 and delivers up to 24 frames-per-second. It is the first camera in its class to provide flexibility by incorporating multiple processing engines into its design which enable algorithm optimisation via DSP, application management via CPU and sensor management via FPGA.

It is also the first smart camera that offers embedded application software which is easily set-up through a standard web browser. As the BOA comes bundled with DALSA’s intuitive and versatile iNspect application software, (see below) there is no other software to install and consequently no version-control problems or software incompatibilities between the PC and the camera.

Specifically designed for harsh factory floor environments and being easy to use and inexpensive, the BOA M1280 delivers greater flexibility for its users via a rugged, easy-to-mount enclosure, built-in factory communications, quick start-up and low deployment costs. Easy connection to the network is provided via Ethernet cable.

High resolution means attention to detail
High resolution sensors (1280 x 986) provide greater measurement accuracy and are able to distinguish very small features that, if missed, could render a product defective. Consequently, the opportunity for quality output is maximised.

Other important features
The IP67-rated housing means that the camera can be directly deployed in harsh, wash-down environments. This is particularly useful to meet cleanliness standards in the food and pharmaceutical industries, and eliminates the need for a separate, costly protective enclosure. BOA’s small form factor and easy mounting capabilities allow it to integrate easily into existing production lines, machinery or moving equipment.

What can BOA provide?
Boa offers scalable vision solutions to satisfy a wide range of application needs from positioning robotic handlers to complete assembly verifications. Designed and ruggedized for harsh environment factory floor deployment, BOA is a truly exceptional all-in-one intelligent vision system.

iNspect allows users to setup and deploy solutions with little or no prior machine vision knowledge. The iNspect development interface and runtime engine is embedded within the BOA camera and the software is launched via web browser.

Model Boa M1280 Vision System
1280 x 960
Frame rate
up to 24 frames-per-second
Program memory
256 MB
Storage Memory
256 MB
Serial (RS232)
1 port
Application Software iNspect Express
Maximum No. of Sensors 1
Sensor Interface Ethernet
Sensor Format 1/3" CCD monochrome
Sensor Resolution 1280 x 960
Sensor Speed up to 24 frames-per-second
Power 12-30V via Ethernet or I/O connectors
Dimensions 44 mm x 44 mm x 39 mm

DALSA Boa Vision System Datasheet




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