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Flare 4M140-CX
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Broadcast and cinema
Automated inspection and monitoring
High-speed motion capture and analysis

High-speed, high-resolution, motion-capture camera
Producing highly-detailed images with a 4-megapixel resolution, the Flare 4M140CX, the fast-readout CMOS sensor is capable of producing 179 frames-per-second. However, adjustable region of interest settings and subsampling features allow lower-resolution output formats at much higher frame rates making all cameras in the Flare series a flexible proposition.tion analysis to automated optical inspection systems and feature pipelined technology which allows the sensor to expose a frame during readout of the previous frame - technology which enables fast frame rates.The global shutter also prevents motion artifacts as well as preventing uneven frame illumination due to bright flashed occurring during the exposure period.

Low power, low heat, low noise design

One of the factors that affects image quality the most is noise which can be introduced in a variety of ways including sensor temperature. To minimize the effect of temperature, the Flare 4MP camera is designed with low-power electronics and effective passive cooling making the overall power consumption under 4W and dissipating most generated heat convectively into the air, the all-aluminum chassis acting as a heat-sink for the internal electronics.

High, near-IR sensitivity
The Flare 4MP camera is available in three sensor types - monochrome, colour (Bayer) and NIR-enhanced monochrome with the same frame rate capabilities as the standard monochrome sensor, but with a thicker epitaxial layer to boost NIR sensitivity.

The Flare 4M180-CL can be combined with IO Industries' high-speed DVR to provide a robust motion-capture system

• Monochrome and colour and NIR-enhanced models • Low power consumption • Pipelined global shuttering with Correlated Double Sampling
• High Dynamic range modes • High-dynamic-range modes • Multiple ROIs and subsampling
• Selectable 8-bit or 10-bit pixel depth   • Fast readout


Model Flare 4M140-CX
Sensor CMOS 1" - monochrome, colour (Bayer) and Near-IR
Resolution 2048 x 2048 pixels
Max frame rate 140 fps (8-bit); 112 (10-bit)
Pixel size 5.5 µm square
Interface CX: 1/2/4 links at 3.125Gbps (CXP-3), 5.0Gbps (CXP-5) or 6.25Gbps (CXP-6)
Lens mount C- Mount or T-Mount (M42 x 0.75)
Dimensions 63.5 mm x 63.5 mm x 44.1 mm
Weight 310 g
Ambient operating temperature 0°C to 50°C
Power requirements 12V DC (via Hirose or PoCL)
(Right) Monochrome vs Near-IR
Flare 4M140-CX data sheet




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