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Basler MED Ace GigE cameras
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The Basler MED Ace camera series is Basler's first product line specifically designed for applications in medicine, medical technology and life sciences (i.e; microscopy, laboratory automation, ophthalmology. Basler MED Ace GigE Models are built using CMOS sensors from the PYTHON series from onsemi. Each model combines powerful hardware, firmware and software functions.

MED Feature sets
** Easy compliance

• Every Basler MED Ace camera has been rigorously tested in the laboratory so to comply with international standards. Basler's MED Ace holds all relevant declarations of conformity including CE, UL, EMC class A and B, CISPR class A and B, FCC class A and B and RoHs.


** Brilliant image

• Optimal wake-up settings for best possible quality from the first picture.
• Basler's PGI: In-Camera image optimization for colour and monochrome cameras. An algorithm that combines noise suppression, image sharpness optimization and 5x5 debayering and colour anti-aliasing for colour cameras.
• Auto Colour/Contrast Function for perfect colour reproduction and razor-sharp Images.
• Auto Exposure Function for changing lighting conditions.
• Best Images for microscopy and ophthalmology with Auto Functions.

** Perfect colour

• The Basler Colour Calibration Tool in the pylon software offers a simple and quick solution to find the right setting for the best colour fidelity, i.e. minimal colour error resulting from the real image and the digital projection.
• Hue, saturation, brightness and contrast can be adjusted manually according to individual requirements.
• Basler 6 Axis Operator allows users to set each colour Individually.
• Colour Presets for different lighting systems save time and effort.


** Dust protection

• Sealing of the sensor room.
• Separate cleanroom production.
• Strict inspection of selected components for dust and other particles during assembly.
• High level of robustness in daily use.

** Low light imaging

• Low noise and sensitive imaging due to the special mode for long exposure times.
• Histogram-based adjustments of the individual color channels.
• Image processing directly in the FPGA of the MED Ace camera.


** Industrial excellence

• Basler pylon Camera Software Suite with user-friendly SDK.
• Auto settings enable quick startup of the camera.
• Extensive camera control functions for demanding applications.
• Smooth integration thanks to coordinated cameras and software.
• Competent support in the integration process.


** High speed
• High frame rates thanks to CMOS sensors.
• Best image quality of moving objects thanks to global shutter sensors.

Basler MED Ace 5.3 MP 20 colour Basler MED Ace 5.3 MP 20 mono      
Global Shutter Global Shutter      
Sensor Type
Sensor Size
12.4 mm x 9.8 mm 12.4 mm x 9.8 mm      
Sensor Format
1'' 1''      
2590 x 2048 2590 x 2048      
Frame Rate (full res)
21 fps 21 fps      
Pixel Size
4.8 µm x 4.8 µm 4.8 µm x 4.8 µm      
Housing Size
42 mm x 29 mm x 29 mm      
Colour Monochrome      
GigE Vision GigE Vision      





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