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Basler Blaze Time-of-Flight 3D Camera
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The Basler Blaze is an industrial 3D camera that operates operates on the pulsed Time-of-Flight principle. Its laser diodes (VCSEL) work in the NIR range of 850 nm and 940 nm, generating 2D and 3D data in one shot with a multipart image, incorporating range, intensity and confidence maps. The Time-Of-Flight Basler Blaze is easily installed, cost effective, simple to use as well as being extremely fast.

Advantages of the Basler Blaze time-of-flight camera over other 3D cameras
Basler's time-of-flight-based measurements have several important advantages compared to other 3D imaging technologies, such as laser triangulation or stereoscopic vision systems:

*** Measurements are not dependent on external reference points or the presence of contrast in the surface of measured object
*** Real time, video frame rate measurements independent of scanning cycles or limitations imposed by computer processing power
*** Scene illumination is provided by the camera, and is not dependent on illumination from external, visible light
*** Daylight capability and IP67 protection for stable results under difficult conditions
*** Low system requirements and costs

Applications include:

Machine Vision: general machine vision applications require highly stable and reliable sensory systems. The Basler Blaze, supplies a reliable set of depth data which increases the robustness and flexibility of many surveillance, inspection, and logistics systems. Specific applications in this field include:
** Single-camera-based factory automation via identification of an object's location, volume, and orientation
** Replacement of space-consuming infrared light curtains used to monitor workers in the proximity of dangerous equipment
Robotics: The search for real-time electronic robotic eyes that closely mimic the behaviour of human eyes has been a high priority for some time. The Basler camera avoids the shortcomings of alternative solutions such as stereoscopic cameras or laser scanners.
** Autonomously-guided vehicles with improved obstacle identification and avoidance - for map building, localisaton and path planning.
** Service robots in both industrial and consumer applications.
** Industrial robots in assembly, quality control monitoring, material handling, and automation.
Logistics: For detecting and measuring volumes of freight in a very short time by providing fast data acquisition and a small system size with no need for mechanical scanning devices.

Security / Surveillance: the third dimension delivered by the Basler Blaze allows for much easier segmentation of images, for example, it allows the determination of presence, location and number of persons or objects in a target zones.
Medical and Biometrics: The ability of the Basler Blaze camera to provide immediate, cost-effective images enables a diverse set of emerging medical and biometric applications such as:
** human-machine interface for geriatric rehabilitation computer games
** clinical use of Time-of-flight for patient-position and patient-movement monitoring to increase effectiveness of therapy (including radio therapy)
** Providing laparoscopic surgeons with a surface dimension to assist in endoscopic surgery procedures, enabling the marriage of the real-time image to previously generated scanned images.

Model Blaze101 Blaze102
Resolution 640px x 480px / VGA 640px x 480px / VGA
Working Range 0 m - 10 m 0 m - 10 m
Accuracy < 5 mm in 0.3 - 6 m; typical < 1 mm (up to 1.5 m); typical
Field of view 60° x 45° 67° x 51°
Wavelength 940 nm 850 nm
Frame rate 30 fps 30 fps
Housing Size 100 mm x 81 mm x 64 mm 100 mm x 81 mm x 64 mm
Type Time-of-Flight Time-of-Flight
Weight - USB 690g 690g





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