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C3-2350-Cl camera

3D imaging using the triangulation technique

About the C3-2350-CL camera
Acquiring height profiles and height images by means of laser sheet-of-light (triangulation) technique, a laser line is projected on the object, the resulting sensor image being evaluated by the camera core and converted into a single height profile By scanning the laser line over the object, a complete height image of the object can be acquired.

The camera's ability to complete the 3D calculations inside the camera enables it to acquire up to 23 500 profiles per second with more than 58 million 3D points per second. For maximum flexibility, three profile algorithms are included without the choice of the profile influencing the profile speed. This results that the profile date are always output at the same maximum speed.

The C3 sensor is capable of delivering position data as well as additional features (eg intensity, line width) without sacrificing profile speed. An additional feature of the camera is that up to eight sensor AOIs can be designed for dividing the sensor in separate subwindows.

Summary of features of the C3-2350-CL
*Non-contact 3D measurement *1 GB image processing memory *Image processing integrated in the camera. *Data transmission via Gigabit Ethernet
*Selection of 3D camera algorithms *All algorithms achieve the maximum profile rate *Simple configuration *Genuine global snapshot shutter for accurate profiles
*Up to 4 freely selectable AOIs *Easy integration into machine vision systems *Integrated control for external illumination *Enhanced 3D imaging with High Dynamic Range 3D
**  Tyre inspection    
**  Inspection of connection rods    

Model C3-2350-CL - for 3D shape measurement
Resolution 2352 x 1728 pixels
Sensor CMOS
Pixel Size 7µm x 7µm
Output CameraLink (base)
Max. Frame Rate 20 fps with 40 Mhz CL - clock (2 tap mode); 30 fps with 60 Mhz CL - clock (2 tap mode)
Mount Type C-mount; F-mount
Operating temperature 0 °C ... +50 °C (non-condensing)
Power Requirements 7 - 24V; power consumption ; 3.5W
Dimensions 72 mm x 72mm x 57.4 mm (C-mount); x86.4mm (F-mount)
Weight 300g (C-mount) 400g (F-mount)

Automation Technologies C3-2350-CL Camera Datasheet




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