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Gocator 2320 3D Smart sensor
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Pre-calibrated to scan micron-level details
High speed and low latency
Setup and control via web browser
Built-in tools, no programming
Open source SDK

Manage inspection, automation and quality control challenges with easily-integrated, single-package Gocator 2320.

Traditionally difficult inspection applications such as inspecting products with irregular curves, bevels, angles, and surface reflectivity can make it very challenging to automate precision measurement and quality control. Those challenges are compounded by electronics assembly lines processing a high volume of parts per minute and requiring rapid and continuous scanning and measurement.

Gocator 2320 creates fast, accurate and actionable 3D data of these intricate electronics devices without jeopardizing product quality or disrupting the production process. The 2320's simple integration, single-package industrial design, real-time deterministic performance plus all-in-one scanning, measuring and control capability delivers repeatable results on small electronic parts inspection of any size, shape, or material.

The results are faster time-to-market and increased productivity.
Read more about the Gocator 2300 series of smart sensors

Solder paste inspection Small parts inspection PCB inspection Mobile phone assemblies

Benefits of Gocator 2320
Compact, durable and easy-to-integrate  
The Gocator 2320’s rugged IP67-rated, compact housing make it easy to mount into small spaces or embed into existing machines without needing redesign or reconfiguration. Set-up is quick and intuitive, one cable per sensor
High accuracy and repeatability
The Gocator 2320 produces repeatable results under high production volume on an electronics assembly line. It can easily achieve outstanding Z repeatability under 5um and X resolution under 20um for non-contact scans of even the smallest, most complex parts.
Larger field-of-view and higher resolution
The Gocator 2320 has a 67% larger field-of-view than competitors. When using an LMI Master Hub, you can automatically network 2 to 24 sensors for an even larger field-of-view, without sacrificing the quality of the result
True all-in-one-solution
Unlike other solutions that use multiple interlinked components, this is a true all-in-one solution with scan, measurement and control data processing included in a single device with no external controllers to operate
Better scan, measure and control with one device
The Gocator 2320 has an advanced scanning and measurement engine that scans at rates up to 5kHz, delivering the same uncompromising performance no matter what volume of incoming data, including a simple web-based interface. The 2320 also interfaces seamlessly with existing systems, supporting a wide variety of communication protocols
Better tools for the best measurement results
Gocator 2320 offers application-designed measurement tools to quickly generate results on a number of common measurement tasks required in real-world production environments. The sensor’s dedicated hardware pipeline for 3D point generation offers powerful features like the ability to isolate a specific data area and filter out any noise or outliers; adapt to and measure different materials (such as reflective and non-reflective); as well as built-in measurement tools that are ready to use in production out-of-the-box.

Resolution Compared with other sensors, Gocator's higher imager resolution delivers higher X and Z repeatability for the same scanning volume
FOV (mm) 67% larger FOV with zero data loss or image degradation. Expands even more with multiple networked sensors
MR (mm) 56% larger MR provides more flexibility in mounting and can scan wider variety of parts
X Resolution(Profile Data Interval) Same data density even at 67% larger FOV.
Ethernet Output High bandwidth, streaming design with open protocol reliably handles heavy data traffic, whereas other sensors' limited buffer can lead to data loss.
Intensity Image Output Use 2D and 3D data to improve measurement results.
Industrial Ethernet Protocol Built-in EtherNet/IP, Modbus, ASCII and growing. Is cost-effective and easy to integrate. No extra modules and complicated cabling required
Data Points / Profile 1280  
Linearity Z (+/- % of MR) 0.01  
Resolution Z (mm) 0.0018 - 0.0030  
Resolution X (mm) 0.014 - 0.021  
Clearance Distance (CD) (mm) 40  
Measurement Range (MR) (mm) 25  
Recommended Laser Class 2M  
Other Laser Classes 3R  
Dimensions (mm) Side Mount 35x120x149.5  
Weight (kg) 0.8  

Gocator 2320 Datasheet

About the Gocator 2300 series
Megapixel resolution
Gocator 2300 sensors measure micron-level features leveraging megapixel resolution while maintaining large fields of view. Gocator can now screen parts for very small defects, raising the bar for quality inspection.

Standalone and scalable

Single sensors require no additional controllers, amplifiers or PCs. Gocator systems can effortlessly scale to multiple sensors using LMI Master hubs. Masters take care of power distribution, laser safety interlock, encoder and digital input handling, and microsecond synchronization.

Compact and lightweight
Gocator’s small footprint and less than 1.5 kg weight make it ideal for fitting into tight spaces and mounting onto robotic arms

Gocator’s built-in GUI allows for flexible configuration of profiling settings and measurement tools using any web browser, computer or operating system. With no additional software to install, Gocator’s out-of-the-box setup and configuration is fast and easy.





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