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Adapt-A-Link - LVDS (RS644) to Medium Camera Link Interface
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The Adapt-A-Link series of converters allows customers to leverage their investment in existing cameras or frame grabbers with dissimilar interfaces, by performing the necessary adaptation between DVI, CameraLink, LVDS or RS422 interfaces. The Adapt-A-Link series of repeaters overcome the distance limits imposed by the Camera Link and LVDS Standards, providing for a virtually unlimited reach.

  • Base, Medium, Full Camera Link
  • DVI (VGA to UXGA)
  • LVDS, RS422
  • Up to 80 data signals
  • Up to 8 enable signals
  • Up to 4 control signals
  • Up to 2 data clocks
  • RS232 serial interface
  • Small and compact
Model Model BLC
Input Interface 48 LVDS data inputs
8 LVDS enable inputs
4 LVDS control outputs
2 LVDS clock input
1 RS232 serial interface
Output Interface Base Camera Link
Data clock - 66 MHz max
Power 6.0 VDC 500 mA

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