Machine Vision Workshops - Technical Training

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Adept Electronics Solutions is very proud to announce the first of their Machine Vision Training Workshop days to be held in Sydney and Melbourne in July. They consist of an intense two-day technical training course offering hands-on, in-depth technical sessions covering the latest machine vision techniques and vision products. The workshop will use products from Dalsa iPD Vision, a world leader in the design and manufacture of adaptable vision systems offering ease-of-use, compact size and reliability.

Who Should Come

It doesn't matter if you are a new user to machine vision, if you use of a different vision system to Dalsa iPD or if you already use Dalsa iPD vision products, this workshop will have plenty for you. Systems integrators, Original Equipment Manufacturers, Engineers, Process Operators, Production Managers, Consultants; all are welcome to discover new techniques, reinforce existing know-how and to discover the power and ease of Dalsa iPD Vision Solutions. Marc Fimeri the Managing Director of Adept Electronic Solutions said "Adept is trying to offer something of value back to our exisiting customers and something new to our prospective customers. We believe that by empowering them with the knowledge of how best to use vision for automated inspection we will strengthen the market, strengthen our customer's position in their market and strengthen Adept."

Why You Should Come

Mr Chris Chalifoux the senior application engineer at Dalsa iPD in Boston has been invited by AES to present many of the topics during the two day course and to take us through both the basic and advanced tools and techniques required for automated inspection. Chris will also teach and discuss the use of Dalsa iPD's INSPECT software designed for ease-of-use and fast integration. Dalsa iPD's flagship machine vision software SHERLOCK, will be dealt with in detail while demonstrating and teaching the use of their world-class inspection tools for many different applications. You will bring a laptop or be provided with a PC for hands-on exercises under the supervision of 3 expert vision engineers from Adept. You will learn about compact, ruggedised Dalsa iPD VISION APPLIANCES and what they offer above and beyond other vision systems and smart cameras. You will see and be able to study live demonstrations of real applications. There will also be other topics addressed by Adept engineers - optics : how to choose them and design them into your system; lighting : what type to choose and when to choose them.


The technical training will be a full two day course. Two workshops will be held - one in Melbourne and one in Sydney on the following dates:

          Melbourne:     July 14 and 15, 2008

          Sydney:          July 17 and 18, 2008


International Guest Lecturer:

Chris Chalifoux:      Chris is the senior applications and training engineer for Dalsa iPD. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from New York and has been working in the field of image processing and machine vision for the past 20 years. Chris was part of the very successful ITI group before it amalgamated with Coreco and was more recently incorporated into Dalsa's iPD group.  Chris has a very long, rich and diverse history with the design of vision systems and with application development and is an expert with the Dalsa iPD software and hardware products.


There is no cost to attendees. Available seats are limited so please register early. Preference will be given to those companies and systems integrators that intend to use vision in the short to medium term and who are interested in using Dalsa iPD products. As part of the registration you will be required to fill-in a short questionnaire. To register your interest, please visit: or call an Adept Representative in our Perth (08) 9242-5411, Melbourne (03) 9555-5621 or Sydney (02) 9979-2599 offices.

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DALSA VA61 Vision Appliance Supports 100m camera cables

DALSA Corporation, a global leader in machine vision technology, continues its integration of its machine vision technologies with the introduction of the company's first Gigabit Ethernet (GigE)-ready Vision Appliance, the IPD VA61. DALSA's Vision Appliances are easy-to-use, embedded machine vision solutions that are both powerful and quick-to-deploy for automated quality inspection applications. Complete with two expandable GigE camera ports, industrial I/O and a high performance processor, the VA61 is well suited to tackle a range of applications involving multiple monochrome or color GigE cameras.

"The natural convergence of our technologies offers best-in-class solutions for all types of customers, including OEMs, Vision Integrators and End Users," says Steve Geraghty, Director of DALSA's Industrial Products. "Whether used as a programmable vision engine or a tightly integrated vision solution, the VA61 provides an overall level of performance and flexibility that is unmatched in the market."

The VA61 Vision Appliance supports the full range of DALSA's compact Genie cameras, from 640x480 to 1600x1200 resolution, with either monochrome or color output. The flexible GigE camera ports allow mixing of camera resolutions and easy expansion to support cost-effective, multi-camera applications. Such systems, for example, are often deployed in automotive plants to perform multiple point inspections on assembled product.

Also supported are DALSA's highly responsive Spyder 3 line scan cameras that feature a new innovative "dual line scan" technology for improved noise immunity. GigE technology allows these cameras to be positioned away from the controller box at distances of up to 100 meters. This has the benefit of easier installation and better protection of costly control components in harsh environments.

The VA61 Vision Appliance can power and drive cameras locally, via dedicated camera I/O connections, or interface with them remotely using Ethernet only. For remote applications, DALSA offers an industrial camera interface module that decouples the cameras from potentially harmful industrial environments. The Digital Camera Interface module, called the DCI-100, regulates camera power and conditions the I/O for trigger and light interfacing. The module also provides additional I/O control that is accessible through any standard RS-232 port.

In keeping with DALSA's Vision Appliance philosophy, the VA61 Vision Appliance is available with choice of software options to address the application needs of all machine vision users. These include iNspect, the easy-to-use inspection tool designed specifically for end users, and Sherlock, the advanced and highly flexible inspection tool designed for vision integrators and OEMs. Both software packages offer a wide selection of tools and capabilities for applications requiring positioning, identification, verification, measurement and flaw detection. For machine builders with unique needs, the VA61 Vision Appliance is available complete with camera drivers for integration with third party software.

Adept Electronic Solutions is the machine vision and imaging specialist providing expert advice and timely support. To find out more about the Dalsa VA61 or about any of Dalsa's range of Vision Appliances please contact us. You can call us in Perth (08) 92425411 / Sydney (02) 99792599 / Melbourne (03) 95555621 or email us at

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500fps Megapixel camera - Photonfocus MV2-D1280 Camera series

Photonfocus has launched its camera series MV2-D1280-640, which has been developed for industrial applications requiring very high frame rates.

Very fast 1.3 megapixel sensor with 488 frames per second output.
The camera series features a micron CMOS sensor with 1280 x 1024 pixel resolution. Utilizing global shutter the MV2-D1280 is capable of speeds of up to 488fps at full resolution and higher frame rates are possible with reduced Region of Interest (ROI).

CameraLink® Full interface with 8 and 10 tap mode
The double connector, at the back of the camera, offers the high speed CameraLink® Full interface. The new Photonfocus camera features selectable 8 or 10 tap output modes. A feature of the 10 tap mode is its adjustable clock rate to enable lower clock rates and allow for longer CameraLink® cable lengths without risk of data loss.

The MV2-D1280-640 boasts many advanced features including: MROI (Multiple Region of Interest), Decimation, CFR (Constant Frame Rate), Offset and Gain correction on camera (Shading Correction).

This new 1.3 megapixel camera is easy-to-use, has an excellent advanced feature set and will no doubt be a great asset for integrators and users when handling demanding applications that require very high frame rates.


–1280 x 1024 pixel resolution
– Global shutter
– Dynamic range up to 60 dB
– Up to 488 fps @ full resolution
– Faster frame rates with Multiple Regions of Interest (MROI)
– CameraLink® interface
– 8 bit greyscale
– Superior Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR)
– 10 to 8 bit Look-up Table (LUT)
– y decimation for faster frame rates
– On shading correction
– Pixel ProfessorTM ready
– CE, RoHS & WEEE compliant

Some Application Examples:

Machine vision

– Standard vision applications
– PCB inspection
– Laser triangulation

Motion analysis

– High-speed object tracking
– Slow-motion sequences
– Biomedical application

Adept Electronic Solutions are the machine vision and imaging specialist providing expert advice and timely support. To find out more about the Photonfocus MV2-D1280 camera series or any model from Photonfocus' range of cameras please contact us or call us at Tel Perth (08) 92425411 / Sydney (02) 99792599 / Melbourne (03) 95555621


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Precise, Accurate and Powerful Pan-Tilt Units - Directed Perception

Directed Perception introduces the PTU-D100 family of mid-sized computer-controlled pan-tilt units. Directed Perception is a leading manufacturer of innovative devices and software for the intelligent control of sensors and sensor processing. They believe in quality, innovation, and customer support as their key drivers for success.

The PTU-D100 provides the most complete set of features available in a cost-effective package to address a wide range of modern sensing and communications applications that require real-time pointing of cameras, antennas, and other payloads of up to 11Kg.

The PTU-D100 models utilize stepper motors with an asymmetrical worm-gear design. The body of the pan-tilt is constructed from machined aluminum and provides very rigid, repeatable positioning. The controller is fully integrated and the units provide a single weatherized mil-style connector for power, pan-tilt and payload signals.

The inertial stabilization module (ISM) configuration uses an integrated gyro to actively control the pan-tilt to maintain the current pointing angle. This provides for improved camera images and communications links to be maintained from moving platforms including ground vehicles, boats, and aircraft. A real-time control interface is available through the ISM to support user joystick control, tracking and other applications in stabilized mode.


The speed, accuracy, and dynamic control of Directed Perception pan-tilt units make them useful for high-speed detection and tracking applications. The built-in command set offers both ASCII and binary formats. This command set supports real-time control at up to 60 commands per second with very low and predictable latencies. The rich command set provides fine-grained control of position (absolute and relative), velocity, acceleration and other unit functions. The optional Geo-Pointing Module also provides an Ethernet/IP interface for control of the pan-tilt units.

All Directed Perception pan-tilts, available through Adept Electronic Solutions are completely configurable in terms of acceleration, speed, and other motion parameters. This provides a great deal of flexibility to tune up optimal performance for a wide range of payloads.


The PTU-D100 offers:

  • Smooth, repeatable motion and rigid design provides steady images in windy environments and smooth visual tracking
  • Powerful command set supports real-time detection and tracking applications: absolute angle, relative angle, velocity control, geo-pointing (lat/long) with GPM option
  • Payload capacities of 11 kg (side mount) and 7 Kg (top mount)
  • Solid and vibration-tolerant for vehicle-mounted applications
  • Wide-range of pan speeds (< 0.0075°/sec. to over 120°/sec.)
  • Extremely precise positioning (0.0075°) allows translating object positions to map coordinates accurately
  • 360° continuous-pan with internal payload wiring
  • Single connector for all video, control, power
  • Fully sealed weatherized design for outdoor/marine applications (IP66) supporting wide temperature ranges


Applications Include:

  • Airborne surveillance cameras and communications
  • Robotics & computer vision
  • Shipboard day/night vision systems
  • Industrial automation & tracking systems
  • Force protection systems
  • Long-range Border and perimeter surveillance
  • Military and police ground vehicle camera systems
  • Laser ranging systems
  • Teleconferencing/Distance learning
  • Industrial Automation
  • Antenna positioning
  • Intelligent video surveillance
  • Scientific R&D applications
  • Photography, video & special effects
  • Webcams


Adept Electronic Solution (AES) is a specialist Australian and New Zealand distributor of machine vision and imaging components and systems. A wide range of pan tilt units from Directed Perception are available from AES.

Consult one of our expert machine vision specialists today Tel Sydney (02) 99792599 / Perth (08) 92425411 / Melbourne (03) 95555621

For more information please contact us.

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June 2008
  • Machine Vision Workshops - Technical Training
  • DALSA VA61 Vision Appliance Supports 100m camera cables
  • 500fps Megapixel camera - Photonfocus MV2-D1280 Camera serie
  • Precise, Accurate and Powerful Pan-Tilt Units - Directed Perception
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