GigE Vision Server from Stemmer Imaging

CVB GigE Vision Server

When people talk about software for GigE Vision cameras they are usually referring to the drivers required for image capture. Now, Stemmer Imaging is turning the tables by offering an innovative GigE Vision Server for Common Vision Blox (CVB) for the first time in its v10 release.

With its independent imaging libraries, Common Vision Blox has, for some time, offered the most comprehensive and powerful implementation of the GigE Vision and GenICam standards. The key differentiator of CVB is that it is independent of camera manufacturer. This gives developers the freedom to move between Adept's full portfolio of cameras without having to change SDK’s and without paying for an SDK licence. FREE 14 day trial available.

With the new GigE Vision Server, a suitably equipped computer behaves like a complete GigE Vision and GenICam compatible camera, with freely configurable features. As one would expect, Stemmer Imaging’s CVB remains true to the principle of hardware independence. The data output by the CVB GigE Vision Server conforms to the GigE Vision and GenICam standards and is therefore compatible with any standards compliant software interfaces from other providers.

CVB GigE Vision Server opens up completely new areas of opportunity for imaging. At its most basic level, images can be transferred from a hard disk or from any CVB compatible imaging hardware, via a network interface, thus making use of the benefits offered by simplified GigE Vision cabling. In this way, GigE Vision cameras can be simulated alongside any CVB compatible imaging technologies.

Even more complex applications have already been implemented, such as local pre-processing of image data using a GigE Vision Server PC and distributed computing across full MultiCast server solutions; neither presenting any difficulties for Common Vision Blox. Customised remote control of the GigE Vision Server plus the acquisition implemented on it, are provided by the freely configurable GenICam features found in CVB GigE Vision Server.

CVB now offers full support for the 32-bit version of Windows VISTA. Version 10 also complies with Microsoft’s OS design rules for genuine VISTA support and features a brand new, highly optimised installation routine. With this latest GigE Vision Server innovation, Stemmer Imaging once again underlines the flexibility and power of the Common Vision Blox library. And of course, with this implementation, users continue to benefit from Stemmer Imaging's commitment to the GigE Vision and GenICam standards.

Adept Electronic Solutions are “The Machine Vision and Imaging Specialists” and exclusive distributor of CVB in Australia and New Zealand. To find out more about the CVB, get a FREE 14 day trial or enquire about any Stemmer Imaging product call AES on (08) 92425411 ( Perth) / (02) 99792599 (Sydney) / (03) 95555621 ( Melbourne) or email us at or use our online contact us form.

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Save Money with Theia Lenses

Wider Angle -> No Distortion -> Fewer Cameras -> Lower Cost

Today’s megapixel cameras have many advantages as long as you have the right lens for the job. When that includes covering large areas or reducing cost by installing fewer cameras, that lens is a wide angle lens. Until recently only fisheye lenses were available for an ultra wide field of view. Fisheye lenses create a curved and distorted image which no one seems to like. This significant distortion causes loss of resolution at the image edges.

In the past year a new rectilinear lens giving a different ultra wide view without the barrel distortion or loss of edge resolution of fisheye lenses has been developed.

New Technology

Theia Technologies has introduced the world’s first ultra wide rectilinear lens for the security and machine vision markets. Theia’s proprietary Linear Optical Technology allows the design of ultra wide angle lenses with fields of view of panoramic proportions, up to 135° while almost completely eliminating barrel image distortion.

Theia offers high resolution throughout the image

Unlike a fisheye lens which only illuminates about 2/3 of the image sensor (leaving 1/3 of the pixels dark), the image from Theia’s lens completely covers the image sensor.


135° Field of View, No Fisheye Distortion

Distortion correction is achieved optically using Theia’s patented Linear Optical Technology.  Barrel distortion (also known as fisheye distortion) causes information at the edges of the image to be compressed and lost. The information is unrecoverable through software. Theia’s rectilinear lens increases the ease of detection and identification at the edges of the image using optical distortion correction.  No special software is required!


Award winning technology

Theia’s ultra wide, no distortion lenses won the Security Industry Association’s (SIA’s) Special Achievement in Innovation award at the ISC West show in April 2008 and Security Sales and Integration (SSI) magazine’s Show Stealer award at ISC East in September 2007.

Adept Electronic Solutions are 'The Machine Vision and Imaging Specialists' and exclusive distributor for Theia products for Australia and New Zealand. To find out more about Thia wide angle lenses please email us at:, call us at Perth (08) 92425411 / Sydney (02) 99792599 / Melbourne (03) 95555621 or use our online contact us form.

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Camera offers 3D Profiling using Laser Triangulation

Photonfocus MV-D1024E-3D01

Photonfocus AG, Switzerland, has recently released the MV-D1024E-3D01 camera which is optimised for 3D profiling using laser triangulation.

The MV-D1024E-3D01 camera contains an image pre-processing module that specifically detects laser lines and locates the central axis of the laser line in 3D using triangulation. This enables the 3D profile of an object to be measured by the camera. Users do not need to process the image or perform any additional calculations on the computer leaving it free to do other tasks and therefore accelerating the process. The MV-D1024E-3D01 uses a new algorithm which provides much higher accuracy than commonly used Centre of gravity (COG) techniques. The new algorithm is impartial to different surface textures and light conditions. Using the Peak Detector algorithm the camera can resolve up to 1/64th of a pixel which is considerably better than 1/10th of pixel typically offered by COG.

Photonfocus use the new Peak Detector algorithm in combination of their patented LinLog technology which enables precise measurement in extremely varied light conditions. The LinLog technology prevents an overexposure (saturation) of the sensor while maintaining good grey scale information in darker areas. In this way sub-pixel information in the image signal is maintained even under situations where for example there may be strong reflection from surfaces that are being examined. This offers significant advantages in all situations but especially when scanning metallic, translucent surfaces, organic fabrics or textiles.

LinLog stands for the Linear logarithmic characteristic curve of Photonfocus CMOS sensors. It offers a very high dynamic range of up to 120dB which is significantly higher than the 60dB of the best linear sensors. LinLog allows simultaneous acquisition of surface (2D – grey scale) and height (3D – Laser triangulation) inspection. The key surface is inspected in the linear region while the 3D triangulation is done in the logarithmic range.


The camera features a monochrome Photonfocus A1024B CMOS Sensor with 1024 x 1024 pixel resolution. The bit depth can be set to 8, 10 or 12 bit and a Camera Link interface allows for fast transfer of data. The MV-D1024E-3D01 is capable of up to 110 frames per second at full resolution. In most cases however when profiling an object the aspect ratio of the image need not be one to one. Therefore the camera can be run at a lower aspect ratio with its ROI mode and so run at much higher frame rates. For example when run at 1024x128 pixels the camera can run at 980fps.

The MV-D1024E-3D01 is ideal for 3D applications such as 3D profiling for quality control, PCB inspection, food inspection, packaging inspection, and much more.

Adept Electronic Solutions are "The machine vision and imaging specialists" and a exclusive distributor of Photonfocus products in Australia and New Zealand. To find out more about the 3D Camera or any other imaging product from Photonfocus please email us at:, call us at Perth (08) 92425411 / Sydney (02) 99792599 / Melbourne (03) 95555621 or use our online contact us form.

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Versatile, Cost-Effective, Camera Link Frame GrabberDalsa Frame Grabber


DALSA X64 Xcelera-CL PX4 Special Edition Full

DALSA Digital Imaging is pleased to announce the availability of their versatile and cost-effective X64 Xcelera-CL PX4 Special Edition Full (the XCelera SE) frame grabber series. Building on the field proven technology and performance of DALSA’s X64 frame grabbers the new Xcelera Series leverages the PCI Express (PCIe) platform to bring traditional image acquisition and processing technology to new levels of performance and flexibility.

The PCIe host interface is a point to point host interface allowing simultaneous image acquisition and transfer without loading the system bus and involving little intervention from the host CPU. The X64 Xcelera is compatible with a Base, Medium or Full Camera Link input and supports a wide variety of multi-tap, Area and Line Scan, Colour and Monochrome cameras. For greater versatility, X64 Xcelera-CL PX4 SE can be interfaced with custom camera pixel depths and tap configurations such as 10-taps cameras.

The X64 Xcelera-CL PX4 SE offers real-time image processing functions such as

Run-length Encoding (RLE); colour space conversion for Bayer, RGB and CIELAB; multiple dynamically switchable lookup tables and support for multiple shading correction configuration sets.

The X64 Xcelera-CL PX4 SE features:

  • Half-length PCI Express x4 Board
  • Acquires images from one Base, Medium or Full Camera Link camera
  • Rapid image acquisition rates up to 1GB/s and high-speed image transfer to host memory at 1GB/s
  • Supports Camera Link operations up to 85MHz
  • Extended feature set supports non-Camera Link pixel/tap configurations
  • Windows XP Professional X64 (64-bit OS) compatible
  • ROHS compliant

The combination of many sophisticated features at a low cost makes the X64 Xcelera-CL PX4 SE an ideal solution for a wide variety cost-sensitive applications.

Adept Electronic Solutions is "The Machine Vision and Imaging Specialists" and exclusive distributor of DALSA products in Australia and New Zealand. To find out more about the XCelera SE) frame grabber or any other DALSA imaging product please email us at: or call us at Perth (08) 92425411 / Sydney (02) 99792599 / Melbourne (03) 95555621 or contact us online.

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New minitiarised GigE Cameras from iDS Imaging

iDS GigE uEye SE camera series

iDS uEye GigE SEiDS imaging have expanded their broad range of uEye industrial cameras with a new class of very small Gigabit Ethernet cameras – the GigE uEye SE series. ‘SE’ stands for Standard Edition. The current Gigabit Ethernet uEye cameras you are familiar with will use the code ‘HE’ for High End.

The GigE uEye SE series cameras range from VGA to QSXGA (5 megapixel) resolution. Most cameras are available in monochrome or colour and the high-quality CCD or CMOS sensors make way for a wide range of applications.

The GigE uEye SE models are not only driver compatible with all cameras of the uEye range and across all interfaces, but also use the same SDK. The result is a camera that easily integrates into existing applications without requiring any changes.

In addition the uEye SE provides the same plug-and-play ease for which IDS cameras are widely appreciated: Now both their USB2 and Gigabit Ethernet models are configured automatically and are ready for use immediately.


  • Compact industrial GigE cameras
  • Available in colour or monochrome
  • Highly sensitive CCD or CMOS sensors
  • Resolutions from VGA to 5 Megapixel
  • Comprehensive uEye SDK with GenICam support
  • Easy integration
  • Long-term availability

Adept Electronic Solutions are "The machine vision and imaging specialists" and exclusive distributor of IDS products in Australia and New Zealand. To find out more about the new GigE uEye SE cameras or any other imaging product from iDS please email us at:, call us at Perth (08) 92425411 / Sydney (02) 99792599 / Melbourne (03) 95555621 or use our online contact us form.

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December 2008
  • GigE Vision Server for CVB from Stemmer Imaging
  • Save money with Thiea wide angle lenses
  • Camera for 3D Profiling using Laser Triangulation from Photonfocus
  • Versatile, Cost-Effective, Camera Link Frame Grabber from Dalsa
  • New minitiarised GigE Cameras from iDS Imaging
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