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Genie NANO CXP series
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Genie NANO. New benchmark in Gig E vision cameras. Small size; big functionality; reasonable cost

Leveraging a CoaXPress 6Gbps interface and specifically engineered for industrial imaging applications that require high-speed data transfers, this series of cameras is built around high-resolution CMOS sensors providing resolutions from 16 to 67 megapixels.

Offering a comprehensive feature set, the Genie Nano CXP provides high resolution (25 million pixels), fast frame rates (80 fps), and high-quality sensors all at a competitive price-point. In combination with a half-length Xtium-CXP frame grabber, the cameras sustain maximum throughput and ready-to-use image data, while minimizing CPU usage.

Despite their small footprint, these cameras are robustly built for a wide range of operating temperatures enabling the camera to be integrated in harsh environments and also increasing their long-term reliability.


Key features

• Compelling price point

• Simplified setup with Sapera LT software • Engineered to accommodate industrial environments
• Multi-ROI feature reliability • Robust, all-metal body • Trigger to Image Reliability for reliability and protectio
• GenICanCP-compliant programmability • Higher frame rates achievable in partial scan mode • Global electronic shutter with exposure control
Typical applications

• Semi-conductor wafer inspections:

• Surface and bump inspection
• Electronics manufacturing: • 3D solder paste inspection • Automated optical Inspection • Package and bump inspection
• Solar panel inspection • General machine vision    

Genie Nano-CXP M4090
Genie Nano-CXP M4090- NIR
Genie Nano-CXP M5100
Genie Nano-CXP M5100-NIR
Sensor model On-Semi Python 16K (16M) On-Semi Python 16K (16M) On-Semi Python 25K (25M) On-Semi Python 25K (25M)
CMOS 16.8 megapixels CMOS 16.8 megapixels CMOS 26.2 megapixels CMOS 26.2 megapixels
Resolution 4096 x 4096 4096 x 4096 5120 x 5120 5120 x 5120
Frame rate 120 fps 120 fps 80 fps 80 fps
Pixel size
4.5 µm
Max. image circle
APS-H Optical Format
Data format
8 or 10-Bit Mono
Lens mount
Operating temp
-20 to +60º C (housing temperature)
Size (L x H x W)
32 mm x 59 mm x 59 mm (C-mount option) (no lens adapter or connectors)

Genie NANO CXP family data sheet

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