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CCD video and CMOS cameras, smart laser sensors listed by Manufacturer
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CCD/CMOS cameras and smart 3D laser sensors for Industrial and Scientific Machine Vision Applications
Sourcing a broad range of cctv, ccd and cmos cameras is a strength of Adept Turnkey and included in our comprehensive range are digital cameras for a host of industrial machine vision projects from security cctv applications through to 3D factory automation.

We supply an impressive complement of digital cameras CCD cameras and CMOS sensor cameras in a large variety of resolutions, speeds and price-points and our products are backed with our expert advice.

Allied Vision Digital Cameras
Allied Vision manufactures a complete digital camera range with the popular Firewire 1394a and 1394b interface. AVT's digital camera range includes CCD and CMOS sensors, monochrome and colour cameras with resolutions from standard to ultra-high. An Allied Vision digital camera boasts many advanced new features not found on competitive digital camera ranges. Allied vision's digital camera range is setting new technological standards for the market.
Automation Technology 3D cameras
Automation Technologies 3D Cameras
Automation Technologies offers a series of 3D components for rapid 3D measurement using a laser-scanning triangulation process to export 3D data for the determination of position, height, width and volume. Their C3/C4 technologies make it possible to achieve top profile-measurement speeds at maximum measurement resolution their and C4 intelligent, high-speed 3D cameras offer a method of image-data-processing that permits impressive rates of measurements for use in inspection, measurement and grading applications with accuracy, efficiency and low cost. Further, their data-reduction techniques allow measurement speeds on a scale not previously attained while placing the smallest loads on the downstream image-processing system.
LMI Technologies 3D laser sensors

For more than 35 years, LMI has led the design and delivery of world-class, 3D scanning and inspection solutions for industries such as wood, road, metals, automotive, electronics and medical. Their innovative, 3D solutions are built to meet individual application needs and their products are high-performance, easily implemented and cost-effective solutions that enhance profitability and minimise time-to-market.

Broad range of CCD cameras, and CMOS sensor cameras suitable for CCTV purposes TELEDYNE Dalsa Line Scan and Area Scan Camera Range
Founded in 1980, the original company (Dalsa) worked in developing CCD image sensors but has since grown into an industry leader in CCD and CMOS imaging technology, including high-performance electronic cameras, image processing hardware and software. Acquired by Teledyne in 2011, the new company now serves a vast range of world-wide industries and markets with products that enable imaging in factories, labs, studios, hospitals and inspection stations. Applications for Teledyne Dalsa products include industrial inspection, aerial photogrammetry, factory automation, spectroscopy, security, medical radiography and astronomy.
TELEDYNE Dalsa IPD Vision Appliances & Smart Cameras
Teledyne Dalsa IPD's range of Vision Appliances are fully integrated vision systems that target ease-of-use and performance and are designed to be used and maintained by factory floor personnel. They are supplied with a wide range of standard or high resolution, CCD or CMOS sensors, colour or monochrome cameras so that no application is left behind. Dalsa is redefining the price/performance proposition for automated inspection with their range of Vision Appliances.
Digital Cameras  for CCTV  from DRS Technologies
DRS Technology High Speed Cameras
DRS Technology products allow you to catch what the eye can't. DRS is a leading provider of extremely high performance digital video cameras. They offer a comprehensive family of high-speed and ultra high-speed cameras for a wide variety of application areas.
Emergent Vision Ultra-high-speed cameras

Founded in 2007, Canada's Emergent Vision Technologies develops monochrome, colour and near-infra-red cameras for industrial imaging and machine vision applications.

Bringing together over 40 years of imaging experience ranging from life science, security and machine vision/industrial markets, Emergent's cameras are flexible and smart with on-board processing to enhance productivity and solve complex imaging problems quickly and effectively. Their easy-to-use yet powerful products create a unique offering which only high-end camera systems can offer in a small, convenient and cost-effective package.

First Light Imaging
With a recent history in working with big astronomical projects in Europe, First Light's engineering team have combined their expertise to offer fast, low-light cameras with applications in aeronautical, space and life science imaging industries.

Based in the Marseilles Astrophysical laboratory in France, and describing themselves as a "small, reactive company", First Light's engineers have access to two of the best photonics clusters producing the most current technical developments in the world, which they have translated into the design of the flagship OCAM 2k camera.
iDS CCD and CMOS Cameras with USB2 / GigE Vision
IDS manufactures a complete range of industrial CCD and CMOS cameras with the industry standard USB2 interface & GigE Vision interface. Their range of CCD & CMOS cameras includes standard resolution through to ultra-high resolution cameras. Their robust design provides reliable operation in an extremely small package size. iDS CCD and CMOS cameras are suitable for machine vision, automated imaging and general imaging markets.
i-Movix - extreme-slow-motion cameras and broadcast systems
I-MOVIX is a Belgian company with market-leading technology in the domain of extreme slow-motion and extreme slow-motion systems. The company is developing and commercializing full broadcast integration solutions, providing ultra slow-motion shots in real-time and of extraordinary quality. Recent awards recognise the innovative X10 broadcast system which has been awarded TVEurope’s Best of IBC2011 Editors’ Awards for its superior technology during the IBC2011 Show.
  IO Industries - high-speed camera for specialty video production, automated inspection, motion capture and research
Since 1991, IO Industries have provided high-performance solutions for digital video applications ranging from deep-sea to outer-space capture. Useful for high-resolution inspection and high-speed capture, IO Industries designs and manufactures digital video cameras, digital video recorders and software for applications in aerospace, defense testing, medical, scientific, machine vision, broadcast and cinema.
Jai - Broad range of CCD Video &  CMOS cameras JAI Industrial Camera Range
JAI offers a broad range of world class, leading-edge industrial camera products for machine vision, automated imaging and general imaging / CCTV markets. The Jai range includes CCTV, Progressive scan analog and digital from standard to ultra-high resolution, monochrome, colour CCD and CMOS cameras. Jai's cameras CCTV, CMOS & CCD are robust, reliable, high quality and can be recommended for any industrial applications.
LMI Technologies Inc
LMI is a leading developer of 3D measurement solutions who has contributed major development efforts in the field of 3D sensor technology and machine vision in factory automation. The LMI portfolio of products includes the Gocator Brand of Flexible 3D sensors - a family of products that provide a variety of metrology and error-proofing standard to complex solutions for factory automation.
Oprtonis CCTV, CCD & CMOS Optronis High Speed CMOS Cameras

Optronis develops and distributes cameras for scientific and industrial applications. Optronis is the reliable industry partner when it is necessary to capture high speed sequences. Optronis offers high speed CMOS cameras for a wide range of applications with unbeatable Quality, Price and Speed. The CamRecord High Speed CMOS cameras offer all possibilities to capture the movement of fast events to freeze them to single images. They give high spatial and temporal resolution as well as a high sensitivity.

Photonis - Low-light Digital Cameras - 24/7 imaging

Photonis supplies ruggedized low-light cameras that feature high resolution, high sensitivity and high dynamic range with low power consumption. Imaging in colour or monochrome, the camera's real-time capability captures in daylight to bright starlight in the visible and near-infrared spectrum. Their small footprint and simplicity make them ideal for integration into aerial, mobile and hand-held surveillance systems. Several versions are available from a simple OEM module to a full-scale camera.

Pulnix - cameras  for CCTV Pulnix CCD Cameras
Pulnix manufactures a range of high-quality industrial camera products for machine vision, security, defence, manufacturing, aerospace, medical markets. Their product line includes from standard resolution CCTV cameras, megapixel CCD cameras with digital and analog outputs, to ultra-high resolution CCD cameras with both monochrome and colour outputs. Latest in the Pulnix product offering is their range of Gigabit Ethernet cameras.
QImaging - Digital  CCD and CMOS Cameras CCTV QImaging CCD Digital Camera Range
QImaging designs, manufactures and sells high-performance digital CCD cameras for imaging in life science and industrial applications. QImaging specializes in digital camera products for applications in quantitative image analysis and high-resolution images for publication.
SONY - high quality Cameras CCTV, CCD & CMOS Sony Camera Range
Sony Industrial CCD Video Cameras have become the choice of many Original Equipment Manufacturers and System Integrators who demand a cost-effective solution in image acquisition. Thanks to their high performance, combined with compact size, they are used in a wide range of applications such as process control, video communication and image processing.

Specialised Imaging
Specialised Imaging Limited, with headquarters in UK, focuses on the design, manufacture, service and supply of ultra-high-speed imaging systems and components for industrial, military and scientific applications. Formed in 2003, its founder members bring over 80 years' combined experience to the industry. They are recipients of the Quee's Award for Enterprise Innovation winners in 2011.
Specim - Imaging spectrographs and hyperspectral cameras and systems
Specializing in imaging spectrographs and high-speed hyperspectral line cameras, SPECIM imagers provide extreme reliability and performance with measurements accurately reported. Push-broom technology guarantees that even with moving objects, all spectral information is measured from the exact position of the target.
Unibrain - FireWire CCD Video camera Unibrain Firewire Cameras
Unibrain supplies FireWire (IEEE-1394) hardware and software solutions and offers a complete line of FireWire computer and consumer products. Their product range includes Firewire CCD cameras for industrial vision and multimedia applications.
Vision Components Smart Cameras
Vision Components manufacture a range of smart cameras fitted with DSP’s for on-board processing and analysis. The CCD cameras range from standard to high resolution and are supplied with the programming tools required to develop high speed imaging applications in a compact format. Vision Components Smart cameras are designed for OEM applications.
Vision Research
Vision Research has been a leader in the Photography industry since 1950. Focusing on high speed electronic imagers, Vision Research prides itself in the high resolution of its images, the power of its software and the reliability of its products. The company's development goals include designing electronic imaging products with higher resolution and faster frame rates and "smarter" cameras with more powerful and robust software.

For more information on CCTV Cameras and our CCD & CMOS Camera range and how you can use them for your machine vision and scientific applications please contact us.

It is important that you select the correct camera in order to ensure that you get the best possible solution. Adept Turnkey has a wide range of CCTV cameras, CCD Video cameras and CMOS cameras for any imaging application. CCTV cameras are available as both ccd cameras and cmos cameras and can be used for automated inspection, packaging inspection and many other applications. If you do require any further assistance with selecting CCTV cameras or a product from our CCD camera / CMOS sensor range; Adept Turnkey has highly-qualified machine vision specialists ready to assist with your imaging needs.



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