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Machine Vision Technology News
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Welcome to the March, 2024 edition of Machine Vision Technology News presented by Adept Turnkey - Smarter Imaging For Better Lives.


Forge 5GigE area scan cameras

The FLIR IIS Forge 5GigE camera series combines the strengths of FLIR, Dalsa and Lumenera camera technology.

The acquisition of FLIR, Dalsa and Lumenera by Teledyne has enabled co-operation between three leading camera manufacturers and has resulted in the recent release of the Forge 5GigE family. The Forge 5GigE Camera family by Teledyne FLIR has been designed to allow systems engineers to build robust and powerful machine vision systems. Forge offers a wide range of on-camera pre-processing features, the industry’s most advanced sensors, and fully supports the well established and reliable Trigger-to-Image Reliability (T2IR) framework initially developed by Teledyne Dalsa … More

Stream at 7Gpx/sec with this ultra-high-speed, high resolution camera

Imagine a high-speed-camera system that is high resolution, captures at THOUSANDS of frames-per-second and can capture and store for 10’s of minutes ... STOP IMAGINING ... We have it!

With high resolution, ultra-high frame rates and its unique streaming capabilities this CXP-over-Fibre camera offers functionality and performance that other traditional streaming cameras cannot ... More

Emberion VS20 400-2000nm camera – new technology

Wide spectral range suitable for a wide variety of tasks in infrared.

A new technology only recently commercially available that offers outstanding responsivity with no dark and very low noise over a broad spectral range from the shortest visible wavelengths at 400nm into the short-wave infrared up to 2000 nm ... More

New Alvium 5MP and 3MP VSWIR (400 nm to 1700 nm) cameras

Models offered with either a USB3, MIPI CSI-2 or 5GigE interface.

Using the latest Sony SenSWIR sensors, these new Alvium VSWIR camera models provide higher resolution images at fast frame rates in a small size, with light weight and low power consumption and most importantly low cost (SWaP+C) ... More


Image Sensors

Hydra 3D+ Time of Flight (ToF) for precise 3D detection and measurement

Hydra 3D+ 3D CMOS image sensor works without motion artefacts.

Introducing the Hydra 3D+ Time of Flight (ToF) sensor by Teledyne e2v. Hydra3D+ can be operated in real-time at short, mid and long-range distances, in both indoor and outdoor conditions while providing excellent low temporal noise imagery. It features high spatial resolution and a brand-new 10 μm, three-tap pixel ... More

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