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Image Pro Family
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Image Pro Plus 7.0  
Image-Pro Plus is the ultimate image analysis software package for fluorescence imaging, quality assurance, materials imaging, and various other scientific, medical, and industrial applications.

The most powerful member of the Image-Pro software family, Image-Pro Plus includes extensive enhancement and measurement tools and allows you to write application-specific macros and plug-ins.

Image Pro Plus 7.0 - Image Analysis

Image Pro Insight  

Image-Pro Insight software offers an intelligent, wide range of tools for basic image capture, Live Tiling and Live EDF [Extended Depth of Field], live measurements, manual measurements, filters and enhancements, reporting and more.

Unlike most imaging systems, which require extensive training, Image-Pro Insight is designed for quick startup and ease of use and users can take advantage of a series of short 3-5 minute tutorials to get on board, quickly.

Image Pro Express 6.3  
Image-Pro Express provides easy-to-use measurement and analysis tools needed for various scientific, medical, and industrial applications. It offers an extended list of enhancement and measurement tools and the ability to add applications specific plug-ins. Image-Pro Express is the ideal solution for research professionals who need a solution with advanced measurement and image analysis capabilities, but do not wish to write their own macros or plug-ins.

Image-Pro Express Version 6.0 includes an abundance of new image processing and analysis tools not found in the previous Version 5.1.
Image-Pro plus Express

Image Pro Bundle Solutions  
Image-Pro Plus Bundled Solutions offer convenient combinations of our most popular image analysis software configurations.

3D Surface Inspector Plug-in Module  

Take industrial inspection to the next level with this 3D visualization and measurement plug-in module for Image-Pro Plus and Image-Pro Express.

Using extended depth of field information, 3D Surface Inspector allows you to take inspection to the next level. Add 3D rendering and measurement to your toolkit and gain a much greater understanding of your specimens and samples.

Image Pro Analyser  

Powerful Image Processing and Analysis Software without Acquisition or Capture Functionality

Many wish to capture images at a workstation (e.g. in a lab environment) with Image-Pro Plus or other imaging software but would like to do their analysis elsewhere (e.g. in the convenience of their office). Image-Pro Analyzer offers all of the powerful analysis features of Image-Pro Plus 6.0, but does not include the ability to acquire live images. It can only load images from files. It does not include support for cameras, frame grabbers, TWAIN or PhotoShop plug-ins.

Image Pro Modules  

Modules for integration with Image Pro


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