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MatchID Digital Image Correlation (DIC) software offers non-contact imaging techniques (DIC & Grid) to retrieve mechanical and kinematical data at the surface of simple and complex shaped objects under any kind of loading. MatchID DIC software combines both dense spatial and temporal information, applicable from small to large scales. This allows users to assess and validate the local mechanical behaviour of both materials and structures.

The MatchID platform can be used simply as a measurement tool, or by using the Virtual Fields Method module it can be used to identify materials. Its Finite Element Analysis module also allows for validation of finite element simulations. MatchID's modular structure allows for a customized platform composition, 100% adopted to your specific application.

MatchID offers a truly open, customizable DIC platform. As a measurement tool, DIC is a cutting-edge technique used in both industry and academia. DIC allows full field, contactless 3D measurement of deformations at the surface of any type of material under any arbitrary loading.

The MatchID software platform answers the question of "why" and "how" deformation occurs by offering insight into the results that are created, rather than having the user test presumptions. It takes Digital Image Correlation to the next level.

MatchID's tagline is "Metrology beyond colors", offering the DIC system of the future where the main focus lies on the metrological aspects of the system. Some of the key features of MatchID's platform include:
** Quantitative interpretation of results focusing on measurement resolution and spatial resolution with integrated error assessment
** Optimal test setups and processing: patterns, experimental tools and automated post-processing
** Customized application development
** In-depth training: annual courses by experts in the field

Supporting design and development by structurally embedding the Virtual Fields Method (VFM), MatchID goes well beyond DIC by offering material identification tools. These parameters then serve as a basis for Finite Element modeling (FEA), solving a universal challenge in engineering. MatchID has also developed an FE validation module that creates a full-field, point-to-point relation between simulation (FE model) and test (DIC result). This module thus allows for structural validations of simulations.

MatchID provides an extensive range of solutions for a wide variety of applications:

Quantitative Imaging techniques to assess materials and structures:

** 2D DIC and Grid for basic experiments
** Shape analysis for displacement and deformations of materials and structures
** Grid method based on phase analysis for small deformations
** Stereo-vision DIC for more demanding tests
** Multi-Camera DIC for a complete 360° capture
** MatchID Results Viewer: All packages integrate a flexible results viewer and data analysis package
** Performance Analysis module
** Synthetic image deformation
Customized Hardware - MatchID integrates with different solutions that might vary depending on your application:

Vibration: Simcenter testlab. Low Speed image capture: Allied Vision industrial cameras and others. High-Speed image capture: Phantom high speed cameras and others. Real-Time DIC, Alignment, speckle analysis and focusing tools

… For customized information on Cameras and lenses, triggering and synchronization, lighting systems, calibration plates, optimized patterns and speckle rolling kits, experimental control ...Please Contact Adept Turnkey
True digital twin: direct model validation:
** Get quantified validation of your finite element simulations
** Levels the FEA data through the entire DIC engine via FEA-based images
** Generate full-field error and validation maps
Material identification with the Virtual Fields Method:
** Seamless identification of mechanical material parameters based on full-field measurements
** Automated determination of weighting factors in the optimization solver to maximize parameter sensitivity and minimize impact of noise
** Generation of full-field stress maps
** Elasticity, plasticity, hyperelasticity, visco-elasticity and visco-plasticity
Finite Element Analysis module:
** Allows for validation of finite element simulations. MatchID's modular structure allows for a customized platform composition, 100% adopted to your specific application.
Intuitive and Elaborated Data Handling:
** Dataset and multi-viewport concept
** Strain, velocities, accelerations, strain rates, ... and stresses
** FFT and modal analysis tools
** AppStore: Custom application development. Additionally, the MatchID app-store allows for storing, using and buying or selling of third party tools.
Other features
Generate metrological charts to determine optimum DIC user setting Detailed insights into signal and noise evolution and dependencies
Generate benchmark FEA-based synthetic images with known values Evaluate the inherent systematic error in DIC
Create a virtual test campaign to optimize experiments  




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