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Perfect for price-sensitive and high-volume applications

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iDS uEye+ XLE and XCP cost-optimised industrial cameras

uEye industrial cameras have long been associated with machine vision applications. Now, iDS have introduced the uEye+ line of industrial cameras. The uEye+ XLE and XCP models still provide all the main features that the uEye platform has long-delivered and now with the iDS Peak Software Development Kit (SDK) these new uEye+ cameras offer both low price with performance. The uEye+ product series can be used for a wide range of applications related to Machine Vision and Industrial Imaging.

uEye+ XLE and XCP Cameras
The uEye+ XLE and XCP camera models are perfect for price-sensitive and high-volume applications where simple camera requirements are needed. Like all iDS products, they are Made in Germany and offer long-term availability with excellent user-friendliness. More importantly, they are designed with available components and so have relatively short lead-times.

In the uEye XLE and XCP camera series, you can currently choose between the 2.3 MP global shutter sensor AR0234 and the 5 MP rolling shutter sensor AR0521 from On-semi. In addition, the 8.46 MP sensor from the Sony Starvis series will soon be available. The product series will continue to expand.

uEye+ XLE: particularly versatile for every application
Whether you are looking for single-board cameras with or without C-/CS-Mount or S-Mount and USB Type-C interface for your embedded vision solution or you seek models with coated plastic housing, the uEye XLE cameras are extremely versatile with flexible options. Whether in small device construction, measurement technology, for transportation or agricultural tasks - the modern camera family is suitable for a wide range of applications.

uEye+ XCP: the smallest industrial camera with housing and C-mount
The models in this camera family measure only 29 x 29 x 17 mm (W/H/L) and with a zinc die-cast full housing and screw-type USB Micro-B connector, they can be used in a wide range of applications in both industrial and non-industrial areas. Their C-mount adapter allows the use of common lens sizes and ensures a favourable system price.

uEye+ SDK - iDS Peak Cockpit
Before an iDS camera is integrated into an application, its performance can be fully evaluated using the iDS Peak Cockpit and images can be taken without having to write a single line of programme code. The intuitive user interface and numerous functions enable extensive measurements and facilitate the comparison of different camera settings. As a SDK, IDS peak includes programming interfaces and software tools necessary for operating and programming the cameras. Easy-to-understand convenient functions ensure an intuitive programming experience, quick and easy commissioning and versatile application options for your industrial cameras.

Setting up your application with an iDS uEye+ camera using iDS Peak Cockpit enables users to configure the correct parameters with a dialogue box that makes it easy and which stores the parameter set for future-use. This shortens time-to-market as users aren't required to program every parameter inside their application.

The iDS Peak Cockpit platform delivers many advantages:

• Easily understood programming interfaces: C, C++, C# with .NET and Python with identical code base.
• Features facilitate programming, reduce application code, improve readability and enhance camera application quality.
• User-friendly tools, such as the IDS Peak Cockpit, simplify and speed up the preparation of applications.

• Various application interfaces (C, C++, C# with .NET and Python) for every use case
• Includes many tools, such as the new IDS Peak Cockpit, to set up your cameras even faster and easier
• Many example programs are provided as source code projects for a quick start under Windows and Linux

• Supports both the new standard vision uEye+ cameras and your established uEye cameras
• Extends FPGA-less low-cost cameras with additional features
• Integrated image processing functions for frequently needed pixel operations such as debayering, colour and gamma correction, flipping and rotating image data as well as useful automatic modes

• Independent of specific cameras - IDS Peak supports any uEye and uEye+ camera with any firmware version
• All IDS Peak libraries are available for Windows, Linux and Linux Embedded
• Compiler-independent interfaces simplify th
e setup of the programming environment and increase compiler compatibility

Need a price or more application information? Please email Adept Turnkey or call our offices

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