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Unified Software For a Unified Product Range: AVT's Universal Package SDKDALSA Falcon HG series cameras

Optimising performance for AVT cameras:
A single Software Development Kit for Windows

Announcing the FREE SDK from AVT: their Universal Package v1.0

What is AVT's Universal Package?
The AVT Universal Package is a comprehensive software development kit (SDK) designed for 32-bit Windows operating systems that can be used with both FireWire (IEEE1394a/b) and GigE Vision® compliant cameras from AVT. The focus of this kit is to enable the development of high performance applications and simplified control of AVT cameras' Smart Features.

The AVT Universal Package relies on components of the AVT FirePackage and the Prosilica PvAPI SDK for FireWire and GigE cameras respectively and so making the new SDK compatible with AVT's entire camera portfolio.

The software package includes high-performance FireWire and GigE drivers with minimal CPU load, along with the appropriate installation tools and a viewer application to test and configure AVT cameras.

Why is AVT's Universal Package a useful addition to my application?
AVT's Universal Package:
• transfers data reliably with high bandwidth and at a very low CPU load
• provides a Universal API for camera interface-independent camera control
• simplifies camera Smart Features access
• is useable within the most popular software development environments
• enables multi-camera viewer application with video recording function
• allows for easy integration of AVT cameras into a Windows-based application through a comprehensive example collection and documentation

With AVT's Universal Package, system developers can get the best out of their AVT cameras' smart features, whether FireWire or a GigE Vision

What can I do with the Universal Package SDK?
In combination with AVT cameras' powerful Smart Features, the Universal Package enables programmers to develop high-performance machine vision applications that require time-critical and asynchronous imaging, sometimes with rapidly changing data rates in single or multiple camera operation.

What is included in the package?
Free of charge and downloadable from the link below, the kit provides the following components:
• High-performance OHCI compliant IEEE1394 bus driver supporting data rates up to 800 Mbit/s
• 1394 bus driver install tool inclusive silent driver install capabilities
NDIS GigE filter driver reducing the CPU load significantly
Universal application programming interfaces applicable for all AVT cameras provided as a C dynamic link library (DLL) and .Net assembly,
• Useable with Microsoft’s Visual Studio or other development environments like Borland C++
Viewer application (AVT UniCam) to evaluate some Smart Features, or just to test and configure the camera itself, inclusive IP configuration for AVT GigE Vision® cameras
• Various examples based on the UniAPI (Universal Application Programming Interfaces)
Included with the package are:
User Guide as PDF, providing a general overview about the SDK and its installation
Programmer’s reference manual as HTML online help (CHM file) describing the UniAPI and its usage

CLICK TO DOWNLOAD Allied Vision Technology's Universal Package v1.0

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