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Long Distance Firewire 1394a Cables

AVT Long Firewire CablesAVT FireWire Cables

The Firewire standard specifies the maximum cable length for 1394a as 4.5m. 10m cable however have been available for some time and have been used with quite reliable results. Now AVT introduces two longer FireWire cables which can give a combined maximum length of 35 meters (114 feet) enabling the use of Firewire for applications that were previously unsuitable.

The two 1394a cables are 12.5m and 17.5m in length, have latched connectors and can be independently used without any other accessories such as repeaters. However they can also be joined with the use of an AVT repeater to give a 35m total cable length. This has been thoroughly tested and proven reliable by AVT.

Both new cables appear as standard Firewire cables but are able to support lossless data transfer for much longer distances thanks to their innovative design, high quality components and special production methods used in construction. These cables like all of AVT's Firewire cables feature heavy shielding to minimise EMC susceptibility. These high-quality cables have been assembled with MOLEX latch connectors to ensure trouble-free connections even under moving or vibrating conditions.

The cables carry power over the firewire connection. If the repeater is used to create a 35m cable it does not require external power. It uses the power carried over the firewire connection.

These cables are designed specifically to be used with any of the AVT IEEE 1394a camera families of MARLIN, OSCAR or GUPPY but can also be used with any of the AVT 1394b cameras as they are backwardly compatible with 1394a.

The highlights of the cables are:
– Compliant with IEEE 1394a
– Molex latch connectors
– Low damping AWG 24 construction
– Double shielding with ferrite coils to ensure FCC class b
– UL 20276 certified and RoHS compliant
– Pb free PVC jacket
– Compatible with AVT’s IEEE 1394a cameras

Adept Electronic Solutions are the machine vision and imaging specialist providing expert advice and timely support. To find out more about the AVT FireWire cables or any other product from AVT's wide range of cameras and accessories please contact us or call us at Tel Perth (08) 92425411 / Sydney (02) 99792599 / Melbourne (03)95555621



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