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WASP 1000 Plasma | Hive Lighting
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WASP 1000 - flicker-free plasma lighting

Why plasma?
Plasma combines the daylight balance and high output of HMIs with the energy efficiency, reliability and durability of LEDs, but exceeds both in colour rendering and spectrum. Plasma emitters use a single point-source bulb, with no electrodes or filaments. Instead, the quartz bulb is filled with a blend of noble gases and metal salts to make an inert gas. When this gas is excited it shifts its state of matter from gas to plasma, which results in an incredibly powerful light source.

WASP 1000
Hive’s Wasp 1000 is the most versatile and the brightest light that can be plugged into any wall socket. It is five times brighter than the Hive 250W lights. Two Wasp 1000s can be plugged into a 240V 10 Amp circuit.

The Wasp 1000 has a full spectrum 98 CRI with daylight colour temperature of 5600K and offers electronic dimming control from full output down to 50%.

Like all Hive Lighting products, the Wasp 1000 is completely flicker free at any frame rate, shutter angle or combination which makes the WASP 1000 the perfect light for all slow-motion “high speed” production.

Hive Lighting’s Wasp 1000 pairs a single-point source 1000W plasma bulb with a mirror-coated parabolic reflector to create a tight, powerful beam which is perfect for high output, long-throw applications as well as being used with diffusion, soft boxes, bounce cards and reflectors. Using just a single bulb, the Wasp is a Par, a Leko Spot, a Maxi, fits four point and eight point softboxes, photo umbrellas, traditional glass lenses and Hive’s unique HDP lenses.

With output comparable to 1,800 watt and 2,500 watt HMI lights or up to 10,000 watts of Tungsten, at fifty feet the Wasp 1000 provides an F16 at spot and an F4/5.6 at flood for a camera with an 800 ISO.

The Wasp 1000 weighs only 10 kg in the head, uses standard 13.5” accessories and has electronic dimming control.

Exceeds HMI and LED lighting in colour rendering and spectrum Single point-source bulb, with no electrodes or filaments Operates at speeds well beyond the fastest LED lighting
Flicker-free - plasma bulbs cycle 450 million times-per-second Generates far less heat than HMIs and Tungstens Delivers full-spectrum daylight source, as bright as sunlight
Single plasma point source is perfect for any long throw app. Fall-off is much more efficient than any other light source
Vibration-, impact- and weather-resistant
Maintains high output and colour quality for 30,000 hours Will produce light for 50,000 98 CRI and Full Spectrum

Spec sheet

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