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Exi-Aqua - mono or colour imaging for microscopy
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High resolution; great versatility; multi-talented, easy to install and use and cost-effective

Available in two models: EXI-AQA-R-F-M-14-C (monochrome) and EXI-AQA-R-F-CLR-14-C (colour), these cameras were designed to address the varied imaging requirements of a busy laboratory - everything from high resolution brightfield imaging to low light fluorescent protein imaging. These camera is a highly versatile addition to a busy laboratory.

Dubbed "the laboratory workhorse", the Exi Aqua camera can be installed and operational within minutes and features an optimized IEEE 1394b "Firewire" interface and simple, versatile, shallow learning-curve software that enables a variety of life-science applications.

The camera is cooled to 0 degrees C, and boasts enhanced sensitivity, a broad spectral response, and approximately 20% less read noise than its predecessor.

Weighing less than 1 Kg, it requires no bulky external controller and so maximises bench real estate.

The EXi Aqua camera is backed by superior QImaging application and product support and a two-year limited warranty.

Key benefits
** High sensitivity: short exposure times and minimal cell toxicity
** Active cooling: reduced thermal noise
** Low read noise: precise measurement of dim signals
** High quantum efficiency: excellent sensitivity
** 6.45 micron pixels: matched to common objective lenses
** 14-bit readout: more than 16,000 gray levels per pixel
** Light weight and compact: weighs less than 1 Kg; needs no external controller and so keeps bench space free of clutter
** Easy installation: ready to use in less than 10 minutes
** FireWire connection: portable
** Colour and monochrome versions available
** Two-year limited warranty
** Software included: Enables a variety of life-science applications
** Immuno-fluorescence Imaging ** Fluorescent Protein Imaging-BFP, GFP, YFP, RFP
** Time-lapse fluorescence imaging ** Phase contrast, bright-field, dark-field
** Precision imaging of all microscopy modes ** DIC (Differential Interference Contrast)
** IR-DIC (Infra-red Differential Interference Contrast) ** NIR (Near Infrared)
** Cell division, motility, trafficking, signalling studies ** Protein trafficking
** Ca imaging ** Neuroscience imaging
** Cancer and FRET studies ** C ell morphology studies
** High-resolution colour imaging (with Bayer Mask Colour CCD or RGB module for high-sensitivity Monochrome CCD)


Models EXI-AQA-R-F-M-14-C (monochrome) and EXI-AQA-R-F-CLR-14-C (colour)
Resolution 1392 x 1040
Sensor CCD
Pixel Size 6.45 x 6.45 µM
Digital Output 8 bits/14 bits
Video Output IEEE-1394b FireWire (two ports with simultaneous camera control)
Max. Frame Rate 10.9 at full resolution
Exposure Control 10usecs to 17.9mins
Mount Type 2/3" C-mount optical format
Operating Environment 0 to 27°C, 80% relative humidity non-condensing
Power Requirements 13.5 watts at 12 volts

15(L) x 7.6(W) x 6.35(H) cm



QImaging Exi Aqua Camera Datasheet




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