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Am-800CL quad tap camera

The AB-800CL is an 8-megapixel industrial grade colour CCD camera offering a combination of ultra-high resolution, high fidelity, and high frame rates and features the KAI-08050 quad-tap sensor from Kodak, capable of providing full 3296 x 2472 Bayer colour output at 17 fps. A standard Camera Link digital interface supports 8-bit, 10-bit, or 12-bit output.

The camera also can perform in-camera interpolation, to deliver 24-bit RGB output at 8.5 frames per second.

The AB-800CL uses the Kodak CCD’s quad-tap architecture for rapid image acquisition, then combines the four taps into two for Bayer readout or one-tap for RGB readout over a simple one-cable Camera Link base configuration. Built-in channel balancing capabilities are provided to ensure uniformity across the image.

The camera features user-configurable AOI scanning (partial scanning) and a variety of acquisition modes, including continuous, single-frame, and multi-frame capture. Advanced image pre-processing features range from auto-gain, auto-shutter, and auto white balancing, to pixel blemish compensation, flat-field compensation, and a 256-point look-up table for gamma customization.

Like JAI’s other high resolution cameras, the AM-800CL incorporates a list of industrial grade features to maximize performance in machine vision environments. These include precise sensor alignment, advanced thermal management, a built-in temperature sensor, and rugged construction with extensive shock and vibration testing performed.

Target applications that benefit from speed/resolution combination
The cameras are suitable for applications where high image quality and a wide field of view are required and need to utilise the 8-megapixel resolution to study small details and so reduce the number of passes required to inspect large areas. Typical applications include:
** Flat-panel LCD inspection
** Solar panel inspection
** PCB inspection
** Higher-speed assembly lines where small details need to be examined
** pharmaceutical inspection
** Inspection of washers, connectors or other small, discrete items
** The auto-exposure capabilities make the cameras suitable for a variety of traffic-related applications.

Model AB-800CL colour camera
Sensor 4/3" progressive scan CCD
Resolution 3294 x 2472
Pixel Size 5.5 x 5.5µm
Control Output CameraLink base
Frame Rate 17 fps Bayer output in full resolution
Lens Mount F mount or C-Mount
Operating temperature -5°C to +50°C
Power 12V to 24V DC ± 10%. 7.8W typical. (full frame @ 12V)
Dimensions 55 x 55 x 98 mm - F-mount; 55 x 55 x 69 mm - C-mount
Weight 340g F-mount; 280g - C-mount

JAI AB-800CL Datasheet




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