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Teledyne Dalsa AxCIS

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AxCIS is as an all-encompassing, smoothly integrated line scanning solution that merges pixels, lenses, and illumination. This Contact Image Sensor (CIS) is user-friendly and a cost-effective choice for machine vision line scan applications. It showcases an improved signal-to-noise ratio and is designed with a Camera Link HS SFP+ fiber optic interface.

AxCIS is built with quadlinear CMOS image sensors from Teledyne Dalsa, to produce line rates of up to 120 kHz for monochrome and 60 kHz x 3 for colour, with a resolution of 900 dpi. The sensors come pre-calibrated to pixel size and are available in both colour and monochrome variations.

AxCIS simplifies the installation process, fitting into confined spaces without the need for intricate alignment or calibration. The operation requires only a single 24v power supply.

AxCIS introduces High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging through a dual exposure mode. This configuration allows one row of the sensor array to have an extended exposure for dark scenes and another row with a shorter exposure for bright scenes. This innovative approach enhances capability with highly reflective materials by expanding the dynamic range.

The distinctive staggered design of AxCIS guarantees complete coverage of the entire field of view, avoiding the omission of pixel values that require interpolation. Each pixel contains native data for authentic monochrome or colour images, and automatic tap balancing ensures a seamlessly stitched image without interpolation. AxCIS is available in widths of 400mm, 800mm, but can also be offered in different lengths made up of increments of 100mm and so provides flexibility to suit various application needs.

Key Features
• High speed 120 kHz, and high resolution 28µm or 900 dpi
• No missing or interpolated pixels
• Exposure control
• Mono/HDR mode
• Precalibrated pixel size for metrology applications
• Next gen Camera Link HS fibre interface
• Battery inspection
• Print inspection
• Printed circuit boards
• Web inspection
Quick Specifications
AxCIS Mono 400 mm
AxCIS Mono 800 mm
14304 x 2 28608 x 2
Mono Mono
Max Line Rate 120 kHz 120 kHz
Pixel Size
28 µm 28 µm
Field of View 400 mm 800 mm
Depth of Field ± 0.6 mm ± 0.6 mm
Working Distance 13.9 mm 13.9 mm
Dynamic Range >76 dB >76 dB
Nominal Gain Range 1x to 10x 1x to 10x
Size 441.8 (L) x75 (W) x100 (H) mm 841.8 (L) x75 (W) x100 (H) mm
Dust ingress protection IP60
Operating Temperature 0 to +65 °C (case)
Datasheet 03-070-20171_AxCIS_Mono_Datasheet.pdf



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