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Adapters / Extenders
  • Industrial, medical, military, research and scientific applications
  • ARVOO, Imperx, Phrontier Technologies
  • For total light extinction
  • Microscopy, Medical Imaging, CCD and Video, low level laser switching, and other applications
  • Uniblitz
Pan / Tilt Units
  • Computer-controlled positioning of payloads - cameras, lasers, antennas and more
  • High speed, precision, durability, and small form factor
  • FLIR Motion Control Systems (formerly Directed Perceptions)
Camera Mounts
  • Allows 360 degree continuous rotation around its axis
  • Provide multiple articulate positions
  • Most camera products by leading manufacturers supported
  • Automated Drive and Design
Camera Enclosures
  • Provides IP67/66 protection for camera
  • Robust enclosure increases physical protection and extends camera life
  • Prevents user-interference
  • Can provide passive cooling for the camera
  • Fits a variety of cameras
Remote Control Units
  • Small, light-weight remote control units support most digital high-speed camera functions.
  • Screen is big enough to use as a video monitor
  • Capable of managing the entire imaging workflow without having to touch the camera
  • Available in wired and wireless models (Note: The wireless model does not provide a video display on the RCU)
Trigger Timing Controllers
  • Complete working solution for the accurate timing of component sensing, camera triggering and reject gates
  • Multiple inputs take a range of input signals from various components and use these to trigger events on multiple output channels
  • Output channels can be individually programmed
  • Cost effective
Accessories - Image intensifiers Image Intensifiers
  • Image intensifiers work by gathering weak emissions or reflected light from natural or from artificial sources and amplifies it so that it can be seen with the eye or by digital image sensors
  • Primarily developed for night-time surveillance, when used in combination with a CCD camera, image intensifiers are used in industrial product inspection, scientific research, medical imaging or any other application where sufficient light for image capture is an issue.
  • A high-speed gate is used for capturing and performing motion analysis of fast-events.


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