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OpticLink CL
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OpticLink CLGeneral

The opticlinkTM CL models offer long haul video transmission over fiber optics cable. These interfaces can be used for transmission of CameraLink video data up to 40 to 60 kilometer without optical repeaters. It is a transparent interface, so it is compatibe with almost all available CameraLink cameras and third party framegrabbers. The opticlinkTM transmits not only video data from camera to framegrabber, but also one or two bidirectional RS-232 channels and camera control signals from framegrabber to camera are transmitted.

Key features
  • CameraLink video interface models:
    • CL Base 16-bit
    • CL Base 24-bit
    • CL Medium 48-bit
    • CL Full 64-bit
    • CL Dual Base 24-bit
  • each model is available for
    • multi mode fiber, maximum length: 500 meter
    • single mode fiber, maximum length: 10 kilometer (optional: 40 to 60 kilometer)
  • up to 66 MHz pixel clock
    • (CL Base 16-bit 55 MHz, optional 62.5 MHz)
  • transmission of:
    • video data and synchronisation
    • two RS-232 channels
    • control signals
  • two units:
    • C2F converts CameraLink data to fiber
    • F2C converts fiber back to digital video
  • unit C2F Base 16 connects directly to picassoTM PCI-FI and cPCI-FI framegrabber
  • fiber link benefits:
    • does not radiate
    • is not susceptible of electromagnetic interference
    • difficult to tap (secure connection)
    • no grounding problems
Model opticlinkTM CL 16/24/48/64
  Base-16 Base-24 Medium-48 Full-64
Fiber type multi mode or single mode
Max fiber length multi-mode: 500 meter single-mode: 10 kilometer (optional: up to about 40 to 60 kilometer)
CameraLink interface Base 16
(tap A, B)
Base 24
(tap A, B, C)
Medium 48
(tap A, B, C, D, E, F)
Full 64
(tap A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H)
#CameraLink connectors 1 1 2 2
RS-232 channels 0 or 1* full duplex 2 full duplex 0, 1 or 2* full duplex 0 or 1* full duplex
RS-232 connectors 1 2 2 1
Power connector 4-pins subminiature round male connector
Thomas & Betts: subminiature connector Triad '01'
Binder: subminiature 'Circular Series 712'
Dimensions (l x wx h) 160 x 105 x 44 mm
Supply voltage 5.5 V to 6.5 V 4.5 V to 5.5 V
Power consumption 7.8 W 5.0 W 9.5 W 9.5 W
Operating temperature 0 C to 70 C



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