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Welcome to March, 2021 edition of Machine Vision Technology News presented by Adept Turnkey - Smarter Imaging For Better Lives.


Adept Turnkey and Match ID Digital Image Correlation Software

Match ID offers software solutions for strain measurement, Finite Element Analysis model validation and automated identification of mechanical material properties.

Adept Turnkey is delighted to become the distribution partner for MatchID in Australia and New Zealand, a world class Digital Image Correlation software ... More

Do you want discounts for Alvium Cameras in 2021?

Adept Turnkey offering incredible discounts for its Alvium embedded cameras.

This is not one you want to miss! Available today, Adept Turnkey is offering huge discounts on specific Alvium camera models ... More



width="78" How to make measurements on all surfaces of a 360º object

Gocator 3D profile scanners now provide 360º mesh of target object.

Gocator software now supports 3D mesh data for advanced shape measurement and inspection of multi-view 360º surface scans ... More

VRI Phantom TMX with backside illumination

The highest frame rates at the largest resolutions available today.

The first ever high speed camera to use a backside illuminated CMOS sensor. This sensor increases throughput, maintaining near 75Gpx/sec throughput for all frame rates and resolutions, and giving the largest resolution possible at very high frame rates ... More

Linea HS Charge-Domain CMOS TDI Line scan Camera

Offering cutting edge technology for all machine vision applications.

The Linea HS uses multi-array TDI technology. The multi-array TDI sensor consists of red (64 stages), green (64 stages), and blue (128 stages) TDI arrays ... More

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