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Welcome to the July, 2023 edition of Machine Vision Technology News presented by Adept Turnkey - Smarter Imaging For Better Lives.


Machine Vision keeps trains on track

Inspection of rail and nearby assets requires specific machine vision technology
Sydney Trains is the operator of the commuter rail network that services the metropolitan area ofSydney and is responsible for the maintenance of assets that include tracks, trains, signals, overhead wiring, stations and facilities. Regular inspection is required and is semi-automated using Altavec's set Inspection and Mapping System (AIMS) and an essential part of that system uses advanced machine vision technology.

The AIMS System consists of two components ...


The advantages of Prism Cameras

Prism cameras separate light onto multiple sensors

Prism based cameras offer significant advantages over single sensor RGB cameras for tasks that require accurate colour rendition like print analysis or fruit grading as examples. JAI a Japanese manufacturer of high quality machine vision cameras offers a number of multi-sensor prism cameras. In this editorial we discuss the advantages of ... More

New Falcon4-CLHS area scan with 2.8 MP at 1200 fps

12um pixels APS-C format sensor, high sensitivity and performance

The Falcon4-CLHS M2240 by Teledyne Dalsa offers 1200 fps at full 2.8 MP resolution and over 43,000 fps in partial scan mode. With a 2.8 megapixel sensor from Teledyne E2V, this camera excels in lowlight high speed applications ... More

Phantom TMX high-speed camera series adds 38ns FAST option

New 38ns FAST option freezes even the fastest motion

The Phantom TMX series of cameras is the future of ultra high-speed imaging. Designed with a back side illuminated custom CMOS sensor, the TMX is renowned for its clear, high quality images at speeds not previously ... More

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