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Update for IDS NXT Ocean: User-friendliness and AI transparency

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Increased user-friendliness in latest IDS NXT Ocean software update

The IDS NXT ocean embedded vision platform provides customers with all the necessary coordinated tools and workflows to realise their own AI vision applications without prior knowledge and to run them directly on the IDS NXT industrial cameras. The latest free software update for the AI package is available now. The update enhances user-friendliness, as well as focussing on making artificial intelligence clear and comprehensible for the user.

The all-in-one system that iDS NXT ocean provides has integrated computing power and artificial intelligence built in to the camera thanks to the "deep ocean core" developed by IDS. It is ideally suited for entry into AI Vision. It requires no prior knowledge of deep learning or camera programming.


New features in software update
Increased user friendliness
The current software update makes setting up, deploying and controlling the intelligent cameras in the IDS NXT cockpit even easier. For this purpose, among other things, an Region Of Interest editor is integrated with which users can freely draw the image areas to be evaluated and configured. These ROI's can be saved with their parameters and reused as custom grids.
New tools for AI Transparency
The new tools offer the user a window into how the AI is working rather than it being a black-box like so many other AI tools. Attention Maps and the Confusion Matrix illustrate how the AI works in the cameras and what decisions it makes. This helps to clarify the process and enables the user to evaluate the quality of a trained neural network and to improve it through targeted retraining. Data security also plays an important role in the industrial use of artificial intelligence. As of the current update, communication between IDS NXT cameras and system components can therefore be encrypted via HTTPS.


What the iDS NXT Ocean kit includes

iDS Rio camera with
1.6 MP
Sony colour sensor

iDS NXT Rio is a fully-fledged standard industrial camera that can execute neural networks with hardware acceleration giving inference times of a few milliseconds thanks to the integrated, specially developed AI core ("deep ocean core"). Thanks to features such as C-Mount, GigE network connection with RJ45 connector, a serial RS232 interface and REST web interface, this model is ideally suited for use in industrial environments.

With the Sony global shutter CMOS sensor the camera is suitable for customers with high demands on image quality, dynamic range and sensitivity. It provides a resolution of 1.6 MP at 3.45 µm pixel size. The iDS NXT Rio GS29016 is available in monochrome or colour.

6 Month license for
iDS NXT Lighthouse

The iDS NXT Lighthouse cloud software allows those without expertise in the area of artificial intelligence or camera programming to train an AI classifier with their own image data. As a web application, the necessary means to create the neural network are immediately available, meaning you wont have to initially set up your own development environment.

Subsequently you can start on your own neural network straight away. Image processing can take place entirely or partially on the camera FPGA, this reduces bandwidth and computing load.









The iDS NXT Ocean kit also includes:

High quality

Gigabit Ethernet

Camera power supply
with necessary adapters

Camera tripod

iDS NXT Rio GS29016
Sensor Type
CMOS Colour
Global Shutter
Sensor characteristic
1456 x 1088 Pixel
Pixel Size
3.45 x 3.45 um
Need a price or more application information? Please email Adept Turnkey or call our offices
Adept Turnkey Pty Ltd is "The Machine Vision and Imaging Specialists" and distributor of iDS products in Australia and New Zealand. To find out more about any iDS product, please call Adept Turnkey at Perth (08) 9242 5411 / Sydney (02) 9905 5551 / Melbourne (03) 9384 1775 or contact us online.






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