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Welcome to July, 2021 edition of Machine Vision Technology News presented by Adept Turnkey - Smarter Imaging For Better Lives.


Allied Vision Goldeye with innovative Sony SenSWIR sensors

The first time a single camera detects from 400 nm to 1700 nm

The Goldeye SWIR cameras incorporate a Sony SenSWIR sensor to provide a wide waveband of 400 nm to 1700 nm to allow imaging in visible and SWIR spectrums ... More



Artificial Intelligence in a camera - iDS NXT Ocean

Part two of our editorial series on the iDS NXT Workflow: A powerful, highly flexible and customisable AI workflow solution.

IDS NXT Ocean is an all-in-one solution that provides you with everything you need for training and running neural networks on the iDS NXT cameras. The NXT Ocean package is convenient for tasks related to object analysis and classifications in quality assurance or product recognition ... More

Alvium 1800 cameras with 4th Generation Sony IMX Sensors

Is this the improvement your vision system needs?

Allied Vision’s Alvium 1800 USB series combine the performance and durability of industrial machine vision with the compact hardware and low cost of embedded devices. The latest Alvium 1800 models are designed around the new Sony IMX 4th generation sensors offering more pixels and a higher pixel density but with the same high imaging performance as the Sony Gen3 sensor cameras ... More

Linea HS Charge-Domain CMOS TDI Line scan Camera

Offering cutting edge technology for machine vision applications.

Teledyne Dalsa have released the Linea HS 4k Monochrome/HDR Camera Link HS (CLHS) fiberoptics camera. The new Linea HS cameras use Teledyne Dalsa's charge-domain CMOS TDI sensor with a 5x5 µm pixel ... More



Receive massive discounts on Alvium Cameras in 2021

Adept Turnkey offering massive discounts for Alvium cameras.

Available today, Adept Turnkey is offering large discounts on specific Alvium camera models. This is not one you'll want to miss ... More

Teledyne Dalsa Genie Nano offered at lower price

Adept Turnkey offering discounts on Genie Nano cameras

From today Adept Turnkey is offering discounts on its Genie Nano cameras. These cameras are the perfect solution for applications which require high speed data transfer ... More


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